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King Long Brand Value Hit a Record High of 59.285 Billion RMB

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King Long Brand Value Hit a Record High of 59.285 Billion RMB

Jun 28 , 2022

On June 22nd, the 18th World Brand Summit & the 2021 New Release For The 18th China 500 Most Valuable Brands Conference was held in Beijing. At the summit, World Brand Lab released the rank list of China's 500 Most Valuable Brands where King Long was ranked 115th with brand value up to 59.285 billion RMB, an increase of 13.9% compared with that of previous year, a true testament to its powerful brand influence.

Having been devoted to bus and coach industry for more than 30 years and with deeply rooted awareness of driving force of science and technology for human development, King Long insists on independent innovation to relentlessly cultivate in the forefront of automotive technologic development.

King Long also aware that technology should be serviced for human beings and that safety, coziness and environmental protection are just the threshold for transportation. For years, King Long has been striving for a pleasant travel experience featuring with convenience, health, smart for various scenarios ranging from commuting to long-distance travel, from meeting to sightseeing, from fast delivery to cold chain, from hospital visit to pregnant testing and blood donation. Science and technology should be humanistic oriented. Suppose the whole world is a long street of more than 60 million kilometers, we expect that wherever there are roads along the street, there will be King Long vehicles, so that people all over the world can experience intelligent and beautiful travel.

The survival of a brand requires constant scrutiny, challenge and transcendence. King Long has always been mindful of the old adage that a gentleman cannot stand without trust. For a company, it is crucial to achieve trustworthiness in its organization, team, partnerships, products and services. Only when a company can be trusted in all aspects can it gain the favor of its customers and not be defeated by natural or man-made disasters or eliminated by the fast-moving times.

More than 30 years ago, with emotional heart of awe for car-making, King Long entered the bus industry in a bid to provide high-quality Chinese manufacturing for public transport; more than 30 years later, King Long breaks the barriers between technologies and barriers between industries and uses clean energy and smart technology to achieve a high degree of synergy between people, vehicles, roads, networks, and clouds. In line with the social development and technology innovation, based on the full understanding of passengers’ need by the application of new technologies, integration and development across industries, exploring of innovative development of pan-travel business, King Long, as a responsible state-owned enterprise, strives to build a convenient, efficient, economical and warm intelligent transportation system and to create a perfect travel ecosystem for people's beautiful travel.

To build a better travel community and to strive for a better life and a community of shared future for mankind, those philosophy and action guidance are just what King Long have been adhering to for years. The vitality of a brand depends on its belief, and the brand value is also rooted in its persistent belief of the past, the present and the future.

King Long brand will withstand the time and always shine and glitter amid the forest of brands.

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