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First Batch of 45 King Long Pure Electric Bus Delivered to Seoul for Korean Green Transportation

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First Batch of 45 King Long Pure Electric Bus Delivered to Seoul for Korean Green Transportation

Jun 28 , 2022

Recently, King Long 11-meter pure electric buses were delivered to Korea in split batches, of which the first batch have been put into service and running smoothly in the streets and alleys of Seoul, marking King Long as its first time of new energy vehicles entering Korean market.

Customized Pure Electric Bus for Seoul Green Transportation

Those running in Gyeonggi Province are King Long new model XMQ6106AGW, a high-end pure electric bus specially developed for Korean market. This model takes into account not only the Korean customers’ operation preference but also special performance improvement in order to meet their operational needs. Catering to their harsh running condition of multiple steep roads and long operation time up to 20 hours and long mileage 300 km per day, this model is equipped with a large capacity battery which can be fast charged by dual guns with high power charging machine. Ever since its operation, those King Long pure electric buses have been widely praised by Korean dealers and the public.

To produce and guarantee timely delivery of those 45 units electric bus is indeed a challenging task. Since 2019, in order to create high-quality humanistic new energy vehicles that meet the Korean local laws and regulations as well as customers’ high expectation, King Long dispatched their technical and sales teams several times to Korea for profound market research locally. After the research, the Bus Export Department of King Long International Trade Company speeded up its coordination with technical and homologation departments, preparing for the Korean homologation while continuously optimizing the tailored vehicle

Later, due to the pandemic, onspot visit of face-to-face communication for design and manufacturing verification are no longer possible, which caused a lot of inconvenience for homologation and prototype production. Instead of going out, King Long conducted various simulations in the company and initiated communication via internet "cloud" services. In the end, the overseas sales department overcame many difficulties and successfully completed the homologation. In 2020, two prototype vehicles arrived in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, to begin their three-month trial operations, which turned out to be a big success of universal apprise from the public due to their excellent and stable performance. Encouraged by the positive acknowledgement, all staff of King Long are inspired and is fully committed to completing the production of the remaining 43 vehicles and continuing to contribute "Chinese Intelligence" to the green public transportation of the Korean people.

"Butler" After-sales Service, Highly Acclaimed Trustworthy Culture

Whether King Long buses can penetrate into overseas markets and maintain sustainable development, quality is the key and service is the base. In order to provide a good aftersales service, King Long International Trade Company sent many experienced electrical engineers (Mr.Luo Xin; Mr Wang Linchuang, Mr.Li Zhen) from Delivery Dept to Korea in a bid to provide in-time service. As of today, on-spot after sales service has never been interrupted.

With many end users scattering in different cities, it creates a big challenge for aftersales engineers, as they have to frequently travel between several cities with their suitcases, just in order to provide in-time and quick service on spot. Even when the epidemic became more serious in Gyeonggi Province, King Long engineers still overcame their psychological fears, took protective measures and sticked to their position to timely provide on-spot troubleshooting service just in a bid to guarantee normal operation for the vehicles.

Another big challenge for aftersales engineers came from Korean fleet operation mode. Every running vehicle has only 15-20 minutes interval in the station before being put into another round of operation, which requires aftersales engineers to quickly analyze and solve troubles and problems to guarantee normal and orderly operation shift. Even though they boast many years of aftersales experience but have never undergone operation mode with such big workload and high density. In face of the challenge, King Long aftersales team practiced the “negative pressure vehicle spirit” to guide their action and successfully shouldered their aftersales role.

As of today, King Long has set up a powerful aftersales network globally, of which more than 700 service networks are for home market. About 100 outbound aftersales engineers like Mr.Luo Xin, Mr. Wang Linchuang, Mr.Li Zhen spread all over the five continents, forming King Long unique “ Butler Service System”. Moreover, taking its technological advantage of years of development of intelligent network as well as self-developed intelligent cloud platform, King Long injects technological elements into its aftersales service.

Like Europe, America, Japan and other countries, Korea is also an automotive superpower with local brands occupying more than 90% of the market share and few foreign brands having a foothold. The successful delivery of this batch to Korea is another practice of King Long Bus to actively respond to the national "One Belt, One Road" initiative, and another achievement of the operation of King Long new energy buses in developed countries in the world. Taking the opportunity of new energy buses, King Long will continue its cultivation in Korean market and keep on innovation and research to seize the conducive development high point of new energy vehicles in a bid to continuously improve the influence of King Long buses and Chinese buses in global market.

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