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King Long Boosts Beautiful Guizhou Tourism

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King Long Boosts Beautiful Guizhou Tourism

Jun 28 , 2022

Recently,high temperature is the keyword of China’s weathers. At this moment, Guizhou, the "Natural A/C room” with average air temperature merely at 23℃ in summer, becomes a favorite touring place.

In the morning of August 2th, 20 brand-new King Long high-end touring buses were delivered to Guizhou Zhishangzhilu Tourist Transportation Co., Ltd. to serve the Guizhou tourism.

“Engaged in the passenger transportation industry for several decades, we have known all Chinese bus brands. King Long is recognized for good image and high cost-performance. Based on our operation routes and the actual operation conditions, we resolutely chose King Long Jieguan 3S. Today, we arrive to the Xiamen King Long Plant to deliver the new buses. These new buses completely meet our expectations in terms of appearance, processes, and performances.” The Chairman of Guizhou Zhishangzhilu Zhou Xing said satisfactorily. “Though Guizhou Zhishangzhilu is a newly founded company, our team has abundant business experiences. Thanks to the policies and the rapid development of tourist industry, we are full of confidence and vigor. Besides the products and services, the core value and spirit of King Long brand are also our firm faith to realize success. For our future purchase needs of vehicles, King Long will be our constant strategic partner.”

This batch of King Long Jieguan 3S buses delivered this time is a medium-bus model of craftsmanship and value. Its appearance inherits the consistent beautiful body form of Jieguan family medium-buses and is matched with low wind drag streamline body design to achieve a natural beauty. The car-style upholstery design, optimized seat arrangement, integrally formed roof design, and L-shaped air suspension guarantee higher riding comfort. The 3H full-integral body structure, independently developed L-shaped suspension system, up to 1.0MPa braking pressure, and tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and run-flat tires are applied. The industry’s well-chosen high-displacement high-torque power configuration is applied to shorten the acceleration time and promote the gradeability. The energy-saving equipment, including intelligent cooling technology, KING-POWER intelligent power chain, and King Long intelligent cloud service platform, are applied to achieve outstanding energy-saving and create higher operating value for the customers while guaranteeing extraordinary power output.

With a pleasant temperature throughout the year and the excellent air quality rate maintained >95%, even 100% in most villages, in whole province, Guizhou is a superexcellent place for your leisure with fresh air.

“Spending summer holiday in Guizhou villages” in summer has become a tourism brand and the numerous cities, including Guiyang, Liupanshui, and Anshun, are the summer resorts favored by the tourists.

Delivered buses to Guizhou Yicai Tourist Transportation Co., Ltd. in February, 2018

Delivered buses to Guizhou Qianshanguishui Tourist Transportation Co., Ltd. in March, 2018

Delivered buses to Guizhou Aishangqiantu Tourist Transportation Co., Ltd. in August, 2018

Entering the new age of mass tourism, the tourist industry will become new economic momentum of Guizhou. Some quick-sighted enterprises have noticed the development prospect and commercial opportunity of tourist transportation services and enhanced the integration of tourism and transportation. The delivery of this batch of King Long buses will not only become another scenery line traveling among the Guizhou landscapes and boost Guizhou Zhishangzhilu to build high-quality tourist services, but also bring about rich achievements for the development of Guizhou tourist industry.

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