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King Long Retro Sightseeing "Dang Dang Bus" Accompanies You to Taste Jimei Culture

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King Long Retro Sightseeing "Dang Dang Bus" Accompanies You to Taste Jimei Culture

Jun 28 , 2022

Jimei is the hometown of Mr. Tan Kah Kee, the China’s renowned patriotic overseas Chinese leader, and is also a renowned overseas Chinese hometown. Mr. Tan Kah Kee donated to establish schools in early years and founded the renowned Jimei School Village. With the former residence of Mr. Tan Kah Kee, Turtle Garden, Lilin Garden, Dragon Boat Pool, Crocodile Garden, Wanpaoshan Sightseeing Orchard, and School Village Building Complex, it incorporates the unique cultural landscape of southern Fujian charm here.

Do you ever imagine slowly sightseeing this beautiful place and having a pleasant meeting by change while sitting in a sightseeing bus full of retro style?

In this summer, the retro sightseeing bus, the Jimei special touring route, was put into official operation. These sightseeing bus are railless green energy buses, with appearance exactly like the trams in old Shanghai, and can seemingly bring you back to the times a century ago.

This sightseeing bus runs from Dragon Boat Pool to Xiamen North Station, with the running time at approximately 1 hour. This “special touring route” includes 15 stations and covers all main scenic spots of Jimei, including Jimei School Village, Yuanbo Garden, Tianmu Hotspring, Linglin Circus Town, Chengyi Science Discovery Centre, and Kah Kee Theatre.

The long-expected special Jimei touring sightseeing bus features unique appearance modeling and incorporates the reminiscence charm of southern Fujian culture and the youthful and fashionble feature. During driving, this trolleybus issues the “Dang Dang” bells as do the trams a century again and therefore is common called as “Dang Dang bus”.

The creative hand-painted body design as per covered scenic spot stations features high fashion and uniqueness and the colors on the bus correspond to the red, orange, yellow, green, and blue of five BRICS nations, of which the red is the unique “Tan Kah Kee Red”. In combination with the Tan Kah Kee buildings and Jimei scenic area on the bus body, the Dang Dang bus becomes a mobile Jimei tourist propaganda platform.

The passenger compartment is totally installed with 21 passenger seats arranged symmetrically on two sides. It seems like passing back to the previous century while walking into the passenger compartment. The wide and bright interior space and the dark flooring match with the brown artificial leather seats.

The style of driver zone is unified with the upholstery of Dang Dang bus to enable the passengers to enjoy therein at the very moment of get-on.

A warm tip is provided for all places with steps to show thoughtfulness from the details.

This exquisite Dang Dang bus also takes the roof into consideration. While looking upward, the retro and elegant simulated palace lamp design features unique taste.

The thorough consideration is also given to the details, including pull rings and A/C vents, and even to the waste bin on the vehicle.

Two delicate glass cases are installed in the front of the passenger compartment. After the official operation, the lovely Jimei touring derivatives and the propaganda materials of scenic spots will be arranged.

At the simulated driver console on the tail, the passengers can operate in person on the tail to experience as the Dang Dang bus driver in the Republic of China era.

Besides, our services on the Dang Dang bus are also terrific! Besides the mobile television, this bus is also installed with advanced equipment, including video supervision, GPS, WiFi, and intelligent A/C and heating system, and is provided with a guide lady in old-style clothes.

The guide lady will explain in an unhurried way all scenic spots throughout the route to the tourists to perfectly merge the old-town charm of Mr. Tan Kah Kee hometown, the elegance of modern city, and the beautiful landscape of the coastal area with this Dang Dang bus.

Welcome you to Xiamen. King Long Dang Dang bus will accompany you to sightsee the beautiful Jimei.

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