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Green Travel For A Better Life King Long XMQ6110BWEV Full Electric City Bus

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Green Travel For A Better Life King Long XMQ6110BWEV Full Electric City Bus

Jun 28 , 2022

With front independent air suspension and portal driven reax axle, King Long XMQ6110BWEV offers an easy boarding access and much stabler and more comfortable riding. Striking blue and green body, cozy and comfortable interior, semi-closed driver compartment, user-friendly disable ramp, all contribute to create a greener and better travel experience.

Another Stylish Scenery of City

XMQ6110BWEV adopts monocoque structure. Highly-integrated LED clusters as headlights, accompanied with star-like decorative elements deliver irresistible attraction of delicacy and strength.

Wide passenger doors offering more efficient movement

Double front windshields reducing maintenance cost

Symmetrical square rear tail lights, practical and aesthetically pleasing

Motor with 3500Nm torque enabling quick start and fast acceleration

Enjoyable Travel

To deliver a bright and lively atmosphere, XMQ6110BWEV adopts multiple contrasting but harmonious colors, such as wooden floor, yellow and blue seats with soft cushion, cream roof etc. User-friendliness is displayed in every detail, such as special area for the disable, special stop button at easy height for the disable, semi-closed driver compartment, low floor through the whole gangway to the rear, all to deliver for a better riding experience.

Electric heating, air conditioner with roof heating function, worry-free for cold winter

Hidden anchorage for wheelchair to maximize the usable interior space

Barrier-free ramp for the disable to easily get on and off

Full LCD dashboard instrument cluster with 10-inch LCD display, real time display of ongoing traffic detail

Semi-closed driver compartment, free interference from outsiders

Dampened and adjustable driver seat, greatly reducing driving fatigue

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