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65 units King Long Hybrid Power Buses Delivers to Yuhang City

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65 units King Long Hybrid Power Buses Delivers to Yuhang City

Jun 28 , 2022

On 25th September 2011, the transfer ceremony of 65 units King Long XMQ6127GHEV4 hybrid power buses was held in Shaoxing plant of Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. (King Long Bus for short), which are equipped with Yuchai power assembly systems. It is known such models have been in pilot operation in Yuhang for a half of one year and data says that fuel saving ratio is over 25% and emission reducing 60%. This July, King Long Bus won the tender of all 65 units hybrid power buses with the good performance of products.

Dr. Chen Xiaobing, in charge of research and development of new energy buses of King Long Bus, introduced that, "XMQ6127GHEV4 buses are newly developed fuel-electric hybrid power city buses in 2010, adopting parallel hybrid power, special Yuchai hybrid power engines suitable to frequent starting or stopping, low speed and big torque of city buses. This model is advantageous in good fuel saving, reliability, comforts and security, also special working mode of Stop-Go, capable of automatic flaming out when idle speed.

These buses are outfitted with the remote monitoring management systems independently developed by King Long Bus, mainly referring to collecting and analysis of data to show the real-time operation of complete vehicles, featured with data collecting of energy consumption, power and emission of hybrid power and electric buses, analysis of the performance of key parts and reliability of products; data collecting and monitoring of security of complete vehicles, related to driving behaviors, speed, temperature of engine compartment and temperature of batteries.

Since 2011, King Long Bus speeds up in the development of energy-saving and new energy buses. In the first half of this year, this bus builder won the order of 20 units hybrid power buses in Kunming and there have been 35 units XMQ6127GH5 hybrid power city buses in operation. In October, 63 units XMQ6127GH5 hybrid power city buses will be delivered to Xiamen Public Transport Company. XMQ6126YE electric buses have been in test operation in Shanghai.

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