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King Long to Attend BUSWORLD Kortrijk 2011 with Two New Buses

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King Long to Attend BUSWORLD Kortrijk 2011 with Two New Buses

Jun 28 , 2022
BAAV exhibition of 41-year-history will be held in Kortrijk Belgium next month. As the largest and oldest bus exhibition, it attracts 356 exhibitors from 32 countries, including over 70 bus manufacturers such as Volvo, Benz, Setra, Neoplan and Scania etc.

As the rising of China buses, "China Elements” become indispensable for BUSWORLD Kortrijk. It is known that China bus manufacturers like King Long, Golden Dragon, Ankai, Yutong, BYD will attend the exhibition, competing against the international brands.

Biennial BUSWORLD Kortrijk is regarded as the wind vane of development tendency of world buses. The exhibition provides a chance for bus manufacturers, parts suppliers and bus customers to know the trend of bus manufacturing and application by connecting the two industries and lead the development of new technologies and tendencies globally at the same time. Therefore, BUSWORLD Kortrijk becomes essential for China bus enterprises to expand their overseas business.

King Long XMQ6120AGD

Deputy General Manager of King Long ZHU, Guoqiang told the reporter: "As the first enterprise to develop overseas marketing, King Long entered EU market from 2005 and attended BUSWORLD exhibitions for three consecutive times. Winning "Grand BAAV Award-Bus Builder of the Year” in 2009 raised international influence of King Long brand. We think BUSWORLD Kortrijk is a great platform for China bus enterprises and it helps us to learn advanced technologies and experience from European bus manufacturers and capture more customers in European market. This is why we attend the exhibition for the fourth time.”

King Long has booked the largest exhibition booth of 600 m2 and will display 5 types of buses, including luxury tourist bus, city bus and new suburban bus. Especially XMQ6120AGD of 3 doors and low floor and best-selling XMQ6129Y are developed in accordance with EU vehicle regulations and local market features with the most advanced technologies for better operating efficiency of bus operators. It is known that King Long will hold a conference of new vehicles on the opening day.

As the most extraordinary China bus enterprise in EU market, King Long, whose 7 types of buses passed WVTA (excluding 2 new buses this year) and 1500 buses were exported to 12 EU countries, is at the leading edge whether in product layout or overseas sales. What’s more, cooperating with ARRIVA (the largest transportation supplier of EU) for the first time in 2010, King Long defeated Benz, Volvo and Scania to obtain an order of 174 diesel buses from Malta, which was a milestone for King Long, even for China buses.

"King Long has been searching for the opportunity to export buses globally and expand customer base since 2000, in which exploiting EU high-end market is the most important. We think succeeding in EU market full of the most advanced vehicle technologies means our quality has reached the world’s advanced level and expanding other markets is matter of time.” ZHU, Guoqiang said, "We will export more than 500 units of buses to EU this year, year-on-year rises of 100%. Now we are communicating with some important transportation groups of England and Europe, and King Long will speed up the development in EU market in the future.”

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