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30 brand new 12-meter King Long pure electric zero-emission buses launched in Malta

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30 brand new 12-meter King Long pure electric zero-emission buses launched in Malta

Oct 27 , 2023

On 14th September , the Malta Bus Company held a ceremony to inaugurate its first electric bus charging station in Floriana, along with the launch of 30 brand new 12-meter King Long pure electric zero-emission buses.


The introduction of free public transport for everyone resulted in a large increase in passenger demand. As a result, local regulators and operators have engaged in co-operation with King Long so that the country gets a service of quality, whilst effecting changes in the routes and frequencies to accommodate the needs of passengers and new demographics.

The new 12-metre King Long Amigo electric buses are equipped with modern amenities such as accessibility features, air conditioning, USB chargers, and free Wi-Fi, enhancing the passenger experience with a quieter and smoother ride. These electric buses are equipped with advanced battery technology, delivering a range of up to 300 kilometres on a single charge. These buses can be charged overnight, ensuring uninterrupted service from morning to evening,at same time fast charging is also optional at the electric bus charging depot during the day.  The introduction of these electric buses will significantly reduce tailpipe emissions, cut greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 70%, minimize noise pollution, and promote energy efficiency, resulting in an estimated reduction of 1,800 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year compared to diesel buses.


In January 2020 with the pilot of an King Long electric bus in the Maltese islands. Last year, King Long fully-electric 12-metre buses were introduced into the fleet, allowing for comprehensive testing and preparation for the launch of the new electric fleet. In addition to electric buses, electric minibuses have also been piloted to evaluate their performance on low-demand routes and village centers, providing smaller capacity options while meeting the travel needs of local residents.

As a leading bus manufacturing enterprise in the industry, King Long has rich experience and market resources in the application and development of new energy buses. It has won the trust and good reputation of customers worldwide with excellent product quality and service, and has become a benchmark in the industry. In May 2023, King Long also signed a strategic agreement with Chile's Company to successfully cooperate, bringing a greener, safer, and more comfortable travel experience to the people of Chile and promoting the development of local public transportation. Up to now, King Long new energy vehicles have been exported to 28 countries and regions around the world, and have established deep friendship and reached deep cooperation with the countries and regions. King Long has also become one of the important forces in promoting the application of new energy vehicles and green travel around the world, making contributions to the practice and promotion of green.


In the future, King Long will continue to innovate and develop products, constantly improve product quality and sustainable development capabilities, implement and promote green sustainable development, provide people with more environmentally friendly and efficient travel solutions, and further strengthen cooperation with global partners to jointly promote the globalization of new energy vehicles, king long will contribute its strength to promote global sustainable development.

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