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2023 Busworld King Long Provides "Chinese Solution" for Green Travel

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2023 Busworld King Long Provides "Chinese Solution" for Green Travel

Nov 03 , 2023

On October 7, 2023, the 26th Busworld launched at Brussels, Belgium. As the first Chinese automotive brand landed at Busworld, King Long has participated for 9 consecutive sessions.

Over the past 18 years, every appearance of King Long at the exhibition has demonstrated the strong power of "China's intelligent manufacturing" to the world with its strength. On the world stage, King Long has achieved the first export volume in the industry for 13 consecutive years by virtue of its deep and meticulous work on products and continuous technological innovation. It has demonstrated its strong brand strength and strong technological innovation capability with excellent market performance, and has been recognized by the global bus industry.

After four-years since 2019, King Long once again participated in this international exhibition. With the theme of "EVer than ever", King Long exhibited three smart pure electric models, including C12E coach, PEV9 and PEV6 city bus, providing China's green travel solution for European cities and showing the world the new exploration of Chinese manufacturing in smart  buses and the research and development strength in new energy buses.

Against the backdrop of global carbon neutrality, China, as the world's largest producer and seller of new energy vehicles, has set the goal of "Carbon peak and Carbon neutrality". New energy vehicles have become the main direction for the current transformation and development of the automotive industry.


As a pioneer of the "Carbon peak and Carbon neutrality" strategy, King Long has shouldered the responsibilities and missions entrusted by the new era. With more than 20 years of precipitation and accumulation in the field of new energy, King Long has formed a full range of products including 6-18m pure electric and hybrid buses, which have helped domestic urban transportation to travel green. At same time, King Long has won export orders for large batches of new energy vehicles many times, exported to 31 countries and regions in the world totally. This has injected new vitality into global sustainable transportation development.


As a bellwether of the world's bus development trend, the Busworld converage the major bus manufacturers, component suppliers, and bus users together around the world to showcase the most advanced and cutting-edge new achievements.

This time, King Long exhibited three intelligent pure electric models. These are all-scenario products provided by King Long for the diversified needs of buses, showing the world China's technology in new energy and intelligent transportation, and making a beautiful journey available to every corner of the world.

Among them, the C12E-12-meter pure electric coach adopts lightweight design, and through the optimization of motor control, the vehicle energy consumption is reduced by about 10%, with a range of up to 350 kilometers, which can meet the needs of diverse scenarios such as short- and medium-distance passenger transportation, tourism reception, group commuting, and suburban school buses.

The PEV9-9-meter pure electric bus is suitable for bus operations in large and medium-sized urban feeder lines and small urban trunk lines. The bus uses a 3300N.m direct-drive large motor to improve power performance, meet 20% gradeability, and adapt to multiple road conditions such as steep slopes.


For urban connection, community bus, and online bus booking, King Long has also launched a PEV6-6-meter pure electric minibus. The overall comprehensive efficiency of the vehicle is 3% higher than that of traditional direct-drive vehicles, and the weight is reduced by more than 150kg, effectively improving the endurance mileage. It is efficient, energy-saving, economical and practical, and meets the needs of economical vehicles.


All three are equipped with King Long ECO-Chip 3.0 control system, which significantly improves the vehicle’s safety, stability, comfort and charging security. Install of the King Long intelligent cooling ICS system can intelligently control temperature and effectively reduce energy consumption. Equip with the Mobileye ME 630 intelligent collision avoidance warning system, which has active safety warning and alarm functions such as Lane Departure warning, traffic sign recognition warning, and front vehicle and pedestrian detection warning.  


Green and low-carbon is the way to achieve high-quality development and move towards the future. What King Long brings to the world is not just a bus, a product, or a technology, but rather its efforts to protect the environment on a global. King Long will continue to deeply engage in the research and development of new energy technologies and their application, and will practice "China's intelligent manufacturing" and "green travel" through action, providing more solutions to promote global sustainable development.


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