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2018 Xiamen Marathon: King Long Vigorously Participated in the Competition Regardless of Rain

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2018 Xiamen Marathon: King Long Vigorously Participated in the Competition Regardless of Rain

Jun 28 , 2022

On January 7, 2018, the first gold label event since the coming of the new year - 2018 Xiamen Marathon kicked off as scheduled. More than 30,000 runners from all around the world gathered in this most picturesque racing track to compete with each other against the wintery wind and rain.

Be It Rain or Shine, Nothing can Stop the Unswerving Determination - More than 30,000 Runners Competed in 2018 Xiamen Marathon Regardless of Rain

In the 2017 Xiamen Marathon, King Long participated with “King Long Blue Creates a Blue Sky” as its theme. With the “King Long Blue and Advanced Technology” and “blue” mission in heart, King Long has adhered to its original intention to engage in this competition regardless of the weather, demonstrating its indefatigable exploration and pursuit in the field of scientific & technological innovation.

The Blue Runner Team of King Long in CCTV Live Broadcast

The King Long Flags Formed a Striking Landscape on the Racing Track of 2018 Xiamen Marathon

Xiamen Marathon Marches towards an International High-End Marathon

Benefiting from the holding of BRICS Summit last September, Xiamen, this picturesque city of ecological gardens has gained extensive compliments. BRICS Xiamen Summit witnessed and promoted the development of urban civilization of this city, creating the image of city brand of “Xiamen” in the international community. The successive event of 2018 Xiamen Marathon after BRICS Xiamen Summit exudes even more sparkly charm.

Runner Sprinted in 2018 Xiamen Marathon

The Award Ceremony of 2018 Xiamen Marathon

As the time-honored gold label road race of International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), Xiamen Marathon attracts top marathoners from all over the world every year. This year, a total of 25 elite athletes from 6 countries including Ethiopia, the United States, Kenya, Ukraine, Lithuania and Russia were invited to participate in this competition.

All the time, Xiamen Marathon has developed itself into a more professional and elite event. Furthermore, leveraging the brand image of Xiamen landmark, this competition has abandoned its former name of “Xiamen International Marathon” and renamed “Xiamen Marathon”, so as to connect with the World Marathon Majors, further establish the incomparable brand image of Xiamen, and march towards an international high-end marathon.

King Long Blue Glints in the Gold Label Event

As a world-renowned model of Xiamen bus enterprises and corporate champion of automobile industry of Xiamen, King Long has witnessed the conformity of its corporation culture with the spirit of marathon. With more than a decade of cooperation with Xiamen Marathon, King Long has manifested its unremitting enterprise spirit and culture and practiced social responsibility on this international competition arena.

The Hardship We Go Through Makes Our Flag More Colorful and Our Smile Brighter!

Through public sports events, King Long has advocated the healthy and progressive lifestyle, and conveyed the concept of low-carbon transportation. Moreover, depending on the practical action of environmental protection, King Long has brought the eco style to Xiamen Marathon and urban traffic civilization of Xiamen. On the racing track, the “blue runner team” of King Long has endowed the world-class competition with the connotation of positivism and optimism and environmental protection in science and technology by upholding the loud slogan of “King Long Blue and Advanced Technology” and high-spirited enthusiasm. Besides in the racing track, “King Long Blue” exists everywhere. The electric service vehicles for the competition and widespread new energy buses of King Long, as well as the convenient public transport have offered access for runners to further experience the blue humanistic charm of the maritime city Xiamen.

As the leading enterprise of Fujian in manufacturing new energy automobiles and the corporate champion of industrial chain, King Long has taken the core leadership of bus electrification in Fujian. At the end of 2017, King Long has manufactured thousands of electric buses to facilitate the transportation of Fujian, so as to create an ecological environment with a blue sky.

Furthermore, King Long is the first domestic enterprise in researching and developing new energy bus. Since 2001, King Long has constantly promoted the independent R&D achievements and comprehensive solutions concerning new energy buses, unceasingly boosting the development of new energy buses with its scientific & technological innovation. From 2013 to 2017, King Long has marketed several independent technologies of new energy, operated its products in more than 200 cities nationwide, and conducted exportation in batches to multiple countries all over the world.

Technology Assists in the Environmental Protection Dream of Public Transport

In the context of Industry 4.0, King Long has ceaselessly probed into the domains of intelligent manufacturing, Internet of Vehicles and autonomous driving, as well as made innovation and breakthrough with the power of science and technology, shortening the distance between public transport and dream of environmental-friendliness and freedom.

In May 2017, the innovative R&D mode of modularization and platformization as well as the digital management pattern covering the overall process, which were established by Longwin II and oriented toward the future trend of intelligent manufacturing, strive to rank top of global high-end manufacturing. The same year, Longwin II took the EU market as its starting point to expand overseas on the world top tier BusWorld Kortrijk. Meanwhile, by virtue of the high-tech form, it displayed the fuel cell bus and the electric airport shuttle bus supported by cutting-edge innovation technologies including multivariate distributed hub drive, demonstrating the mighty power of China buses in high-end manufacturing, and becoming a prominent focus of the world.

Over time, King Long has conducted extensive layout in various fields involving intelligent manufacturing, Internet of Vehicles, etc., yielding bumper harvest. In the past 2017, King Long has even cooperated with Baidu to explore autonomous driving of commercial vehicles, which has accelerated the arrival of autonomous driving era. In November 2017, depending on the cooperation with Baidu, King Long has promoted the first domestic commercial unmanned microcirculation bus Apollong. It is scheduled to bring this model into small volume production and trail operation, setting up the milestone for public transport to march towards autonomous driving on the free course.

The process of pursuing a dream is like accomplishing the marathon, in which, the brave who is perseverant and dares to challenge can come to the ultimate end. Guided by the blue dream of environmental protection, King Long will never cease to revere and pursue the technology. The efforts of exploration and transcendence will never halt in order to realize the dream of public transport in creating a green environment with a blue sky!

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