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Zhu Guoqiang: Analysis of China Buses Overseas Market Situation

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Zhu Guoqiang: Analysis of China Buses Overseas Market Situation

Jun 28 , 2022
In 2011, export volume and its value of China buses increase in the same pace. Good news from China bus enterprises in overseas markets are pouring in: Export value of King Long buses reaches one billion Yuan in the first half year; Ankai obtains the order of 3000 school buses from Saudi Arabia and Zhongtong keeps getting orders from overseas markets etc. So how can China buses enterprises receive so many orders from the overseas market? On the 6th Great Influence to China Buses Industry: the vice president of King Long bus, by SWOT Analysis way, Zhu Guoqiang made an analysis of current China buses overseas market situation

Vice President of King Long Bus, Zhu Guoqiang made a speech on the 6th Great Influence to China Buses Industry
Vice President of King Long Bus, Zhu Guoqiang made a speech on the 6th Great Influence to China Buses Industry

The current export situation of China buses

Since 2008 global financial crisis till now, the number of Chinese export bus is increasing year by year. The buses sale in 2011 is more than that of 2007 and will become a new high one. Though the sales quantity increased, the generally exported buses are in the lower level. It could not compete with the developed countries in the promoting of the products which also results in the difference from the world famous buses brands. In the early stage of the China buses stepping into the overseas market, it is known by the world as the brand of China buses instead of Yutong Bus or King Long bus.

The advantages of China buses in overseas market

One advantage of China buses is that China buses enterprises adopt the different production business model from the European or Japanese famous enterprises. As in China, few enterprises to make the bus components by itself but in the early time, several leading European enterprises, such as Volvo made the components by itself. By global purchasing, own designing and fast responding, it takes 20 years such short time to make the China buses industry be one of biggest in the world. Due to big demand of China buses market, China becomes big country of bus in the world.

Besides, the speed to handle the order is faster which an advantage becomes. The foreign enterprises could not compete with Chinese enterprises’ speed reflection towards the market. The biggest advantage that the China buses enterprises could provide customized personalized project.

The disadvantages of China buses in overseas market

China buses are lack of core technology, especially the reliability of the chassis and fine degree of body. And these two are the main indexes to improve the buses. It has some distance between the quality of our products and international brand in the craft level etc.  
The overseas service network is insufficient;The time of establishment is short; It depends on the local dealer service too much and lack of the establishment of service system, the storage of spare parts and service network construction.

But as we know the China buses in the overseas development is big than what we think. Whatever the future buses development trend, making use of the advantages and avoid disadvantages, it is believed that the future of China buses development is bright.

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