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XMQ6127G Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus

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XMQ6127G Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus

Jun 28 , 2022

Promote Green Urban Travel

Clean Energy & Efficient Operation

In order to follow the commercial development trend of fuel vehicles, King Long, relying on its 30-year technical experience, launches a brand new model - XMQ6127G Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus.

XMQ6127G Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus, with hydrogen or hydrogen-rich gas as fuel, is characterized by zero pollution, zero emission, low noise, short fuel filling time (20 minutes) and 300-350km of endurance mileage in actual working conditions. In addition, the “fuel cell power cell hybrid drive” scheme and the optimization of energy distribution strategy further ensure the efficiency and reliability of the bus. With top-mounted cell design and optimized interior space layout, XMQ6127G has a more spacious space, with an approved passenger capacity of 82 1. It can fully meet the actual operational requirements of urban public transportation.

Give Drivers Better Driving Experience

More reasonable driving area layout and optimized design of driver's seat, instrument, rocker switch and other details can effectively improve both the performance of XMQ6127G and the experience of the driver.

GRAMMER Seating, less tireless and more easiness

The multifunction steering wheel integrating commonly-used buttons allows the driver better convenience.

The wide-field rearview mirror without blind zone can ensure the driving safety

The King Long Smart Cloud Service Platform can clearly give the driver the real-time traffic conditions.

Give Passengers More Comforts

With the up-to-date fuel cell technology, XMQ6127G is featured by low noise and vibration and better riding comfort. The optimized interior space layout and top-mounted cell design improve its capacity and create a more spacious riding space. The more user-friendly design of interior details, such as passenger seats with cushions, EN-standard hand rings, automatic blaster and other considerate designs, can provide a more comfortable public transportation experience for passengers.

Optimized space arrangement in the passenger zone to a maximum capacity of 82 1 persons

EN-standard hand brings more comfortable feel

Passenger seats with cushions can relieve the ride fatigue effectively

Automatic blaster for breaking the windows in emergency circumstances

More Economical and Efficient

Since high-quality fuel cell with high operating efficiency is adopted, the fuel economy of XMQ6127G is improved effectively. Moreover, the intelligent cooling system (ICS), compared with the traditional mechanical fan, is more efficient and stable. The centralized lubrication realizes forced lubrication for all the parts in a fixed point, time and quantity manner, saving labor and maintenance costs, reducing fuel consumption caused by dry friction of parts, and thus making the operation more convenient and efficient.

Well-optimized wiring harness layout, making the wiring clear

ICS, providing excellent cooling and consumption reduction effect

Open-type front wall, allowing more convenient maintenance

Modular integration design of fuel cell water heat management system, allowing easier maintenance

Zero-Pollution, Zero-Emission and More Environmentally Friendly Frontier Technology

XMQ6127G, with the up-to-date fuel cell technology of King Long, is characterized by zero pollution, high energy efficiency, zero noise, uninterrupted cell operation, and other advantages. The optimization of drive mode, energy distribution strategy and design structure makes the performance more reliable and maintenance more convenient.

  • The “high-performance fuel cell power cell hybrid drive” scheme can ensure operation reliability.
  • The optimized energy distribution strategy can ensure efficient operation of the fuel cell system
  • The modular design and installation structure can improve the assembly/disassembly and maintenance convenience
  • The bus is equipped with eight 140L gas cylinders. If all the cylinders are filled up, the endurance mileage can reach 300~350km. Therefore, it can fully meet the actual operational requirements of urban public transportation.
  • The on-board hydrogen system applies hydrogen - electricity structural coupling technology that can ensure hydrogen filling, storage and usage safety and reliability.

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