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XMQ6106D Bus Popular in Thailand and Boosting Performance of King Long

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XMQ6106D Bus Popular in Thailand and Boosting Performance of King Long

Jun 28 , 2022

The government of Thailand has adjusted the tourism market policy in the past two years, which has had a great impact on China export of tour buses to Thailand. However, against this backdrop , King Long's performance in 2018 was still outstanding. There were 210 tour buses exported to Thailand from January to May, accounting for more than 60% of China tour bus exports. So far, King Long has exported more than 2,400 tour buses to Thailand, ranking the first in the tourism market.

King Long Buses about to Departure

About half of this year orders are for the 10.5m Longwin XMQ6106D buses. This new model was elaborately crafted last year based on the requirements of customers. It is cheaper than the 12m bus and has more seats than the 9m bus, making it ideal for Thai's current tourism market. In addition, the new bus also has the following attractions: colorful instrument board, no luggage rack inside the bus, custom-made seat, and shift assisting system.

More than thirty 10.5m XMQ6106D buses were sold to Thailand in 2017, which have provided good driving experiences for customers. This type of bus is not only good-looking, economical, but also operated smoothly according to the feedback of customers, contributing to the additional large-amount orders in this year.

"King Long fully considered our actual demands, and provided 'one-to-one' tracking service in vehicle design and after-sales service. Our company becomes a repeat customer of King Long not only because we have confidence in the quality of the bus, but also because we are satisfied with the strong sense of responsibility and service awareness of King Long's staff." This customer in Thailand is an important strategic partner of King Long, and the company orders a large number of tour buses from King Long every year.

"It is really not easy to expand overseas markets, but challenges and opportunities coexist in the process. The Belt and Road Initiative as well as the Made in China 2025 Strategy have built a new bridge for our trade with Thailand. The overseas marketing team of King Long will take this opportunity to seek new growth and breakthrough so as to win wider appreciation from overseas customers." King Long General Manager Zhang Bin said.

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