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The overseas “transcript” of King Long in the first half of 2020

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The overseas “transcript” of King Long in the first half of 2020

Jun 28 , 2022

In the past six months of the year 2020, the export market of commercial vehicle has encountered the toughest strike under the influence of the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 and declining trade business concurrently. However, King Long forged ahead by exporting batches of high standard and quality buses to overseas which led Chinese bus manufacturing industry forward despite all the struggles and set-backs. During the previous months, King Long has successfully delivered over 5407 units of buses to 47 countries worldwide. It occupies the leading position in the industry and demonstrates remarkable strength of Chinese bus manufacturing.

The Belt and Road” keeps running
Along the countries and areas on “The Belt and Road”, King Long maintains the initiative in export performance, which is benefited from its long-lasting market development and long-term cooperative partnership with customers.

In Saudi Arabia, King Long has further expanded its market share of local luxury coaches. After another batch of 213 King Long luxury buses sailing to Saudi Arabia on 7th April, the total number of the exported King Long luxury buses to Saudi Arabia has reached 869 units. King Long maintains its largest market volume of local Hajj bus market.

As the first Chinese bus brand entering European market, King Long set a new record by exporting the single largest order in bus industry to European Union in the first half of 2020. On 27th May, 200 units of King Long upscale city bus were exported to Cyprus that laid a new milestone of Chinese bus in Europe.

Moreover, 66 units of King Long buses were shipped to South America and operated as the express line of Santiago Airport, the capital of Chile. It is the only Chinese bus brand that has entered Chile airport express line.

55 units of pure electric city buses were exported to Taiwan and operated in Kaohsiung City. The operating mileage of existing King Long pure electric city buses served in Taiwan has passed 5 million kilometers. This newly delivered batch of pure electric buses will definitely help the green travelling on the island to a new level.
Meanwhile, the export of King Long minivans has also gained remarkable results. In the first half of the year, King Long has exported over 2500 units of minivans to Egypt accumulatively. Both the sales amount and quantity have increased more than 80% compared to last year. In addition, 785 units of minivans were delivered to Bolivia and over 300 units delivered to Nigeria, consolidating the leading position of King Long in both markets.

Output Chinese “Intelligent made” and Help the global fight against the epidemic
Since fighting against COVID-19 has become a global focus, King Long has helped the global fight with “Intelligent made” and fulfilled its responsibility of building a community with a shared future for mankind.
On July 8, Chinese Ambassador to Cyprus Huang Xingyuan met with Filipe Cosmen, Chairman of Cyprus Public Transport Company and experienced the "Anti-epidemic" King Long bus which was just put into operation.

Ambassador Huang Xingyuan experienced King Long “Anti-epidemic” Bus
Ambassador Huang noted that he was glad to see King Long buses entering Cyprus market and hoped that they will bring more convenience and safety to local residents. Cosmen praised the quality and cost-effectiveness of King Long buses and expected further cooperation between both parties.
As early as 2008 and 2010, King Long buses have entered Cyprus in batches and the market volume is over one hundred. Now, the new King Long "Anti-epidemic" buses operating on the road will further improve the quality of local public transport. Many passengers commented, "This batch of buses not only guarantees the travel safety during the epidemic, but also are quieter than the previous ones." Although the temperature in Nicosia has reached 39 degrees on 5th, passengers in the air-conditioned "Anti-epidemic bus" were cool and comfortable. They could also use the wireless network to surf the Internet, browse information and enjoy their journey.
Since the beginning of this year, King Long has exported more than 400 smart workstations to Philippine, Egypt, Tunisia, Serbia and other countries. Integrated with temperature measurement, body disinfection and intelligent AI all-day service, smart workstations served local embassies, banks and enterprises, etc., efficiently solved the need for epidemic prevention at the entrances and exits of crowded places.

Stick to the Culture of Trustworthy Sail as promised
On February 18, under the premise of epidemic prevention and control, King Long fully resumed work and its overseas batch orders were the key production after the spring festival. The epidemic spreading around the world has laid a huge impact on enterprises' procurement, production, shipping and settlement. The more hardships we face, the more united we are. Encountering the severe challenges, King Long people always adhere to the culture of trustworthy, work together, race against time and overcome numerous difficulties to push the production forward and finally realize smooth sailing of all batches of orders.
It is noteworthy that during the production of Saudi Arabia orders, King Long also took videos specially to demonstrate the company's scientific epidemic prevention and orderly production to Saudi customers who are thousands of miles away, conveying the concerted confidence and determination of the company to ensure delivery.

When the epidemic spread around the world, King Long also exported its experience in "fighting against the epidemic" to help international suppliers resume work and production. Due to impact of the epidemic, traditional modes of transport have been blocked. King Long has tried every means to overcome all difficulties for customers to customize the shipping route and delivered epidemic prevention products abroad. For a batch of epidemic prevention products to be exported to North Africa, King Long decided to transfer the goods to Europe through the China-Europe freight train. Finally the goods arrived in North Africa through the Mediterranean Sea successfully.
High-quality development is the life of manufacturing industry. The more difficult the production organization is, the stricter quality control shall be taken. Large quantities, multiple models and long production cycle span of overseas orders put forward higher requirements on quality control. King Long will carry out the 2020 quality revolution and upgrade with more precise and stronger quality control measures to export high-quality Chinese buses. During this process, innovative ways such as video inspection and third-party vehicle inspection are carried out to ensure reliable quality.
Despite of the tough beginning in 2020, we have left extraordinary footprints with hard work, unity and courage and gathered the spirit to forge ahead. New opportunities will be nurtured in the crisis and new developments will be created in the midst of change. Facing the new journey, we will brave the wind and waves, meet new challenges, continue to provide the best solutions for the global passenger transport system and bring more beautiful travel to further shore.

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