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The media delegation of Central Asia Centre of China International News Exchange Centre visited King Long

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The media delegation of Central Asia Centre of China International News Exchange Centre visited King Long

Oct 18 , 2023

On September 8th, the media delegation of Central Asia Centre of China International News Exchange Centre visited King Long to explore the forces behind the scientific and technological innovation of Chinese manufacturing and experience the strong capabilities of King Long's independent innovation in depth.


Members of the media delegation of CIEC Central Asia Centre visited the King Long History and Culture Exhibition Hall, where they observed the classic models of King Long from zero distance, and gained a deeper understanding of the manufacturing history of King Long and the changes of China buses.


Afterwards, the members visited the world's first mass-produced L4-class autonomous bus King Long Apolong, and everyone showed great interest in this autonomous bus, and a lot of members took photos with their phones.


King Long said that Apolong has implemented multiple innovations compared to its previous generation, optimizing and expanding the autonomous driving algorithm and applicable scenarios.


The new generation of Apolong has the ability of vehicle-road coordination and 5G Cloud driving, which can reduce single vehicle intelligent problems by 54% and emergency braking situations at intersections by 90% in terms of safety, ensuring the driving safety of vehicles in extreme scenarios.. At present, Apolong autonomous minibuses have been in regular operation in 45 cities and regions across the country, and have been exported to the Middle East in bulk, ushering in a new era of public transportation.


Apolong is one of the leading achievements representing the transformation of the automotive industry towards electrification and intelligence. As early as 2009, King Long began to explore and research the field of intelligent buses and creating first-class products with scientific and technological innovation.


While grasping the opportunity of digital transformation, King Long actively implements the national strategies and adheres to the concept of green development, successfully realized the iterative upgrading of the new energy management system of Eco-Chip from 1.0 to 5.0, and realized the leading intelligent active safety control system of the vehicle in China and full state safety monitoring technology of power battery, launched a series of new energy products, including the industry's first MTV technology, etc. The person from King Long said that they hope to bring the greener, smarter intelligent transport to the people of Central Asian countries and other regions.


Subsequently, the delegation visited King Long Digital Exhibition hall. They closely experienced King Long's brand strength and technological innovation. King Long has always been adhering to the pursuit of quality, and has successfully expanded its overseas territory with excellent product quality and high-standard service, and has won orders from countries and regions such as Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and others many times, showing world the card of "Made in China".


As a Chinese national brand, King Long has been going forward for 35 years. With continuous independent innovation and advanced manufacturing technology, King Long stands at the front of the industry and has obtained many national awards such as "National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", "Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award", and "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise"and many other national awards. In 2023, King Long's brand value reached a new high level with 809.79 billion yuan, ranking 114th on the "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" list, so far King Long has been on the list for 20 consecutive years. This is not only a result of continuous integration of science and technological innovation but also an affirmation of the high-quality development of King Long.


This year is the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Belt and Road. As a strong supporter and important participant in the construction of the Belt and Road, King Long actively implements the strategy and export of vehicles to 115 countries along the Belt and Road. For 13 consecutive years, King Long exported and served nearly 150 countries and regions around the world, ranking No. 1 in the industry in terms of exports, continuously delivering high-quality Chinese manufacturing to overseas markets, gaining widespread recognition globally, becoming a beloved China bus brand among local residents in many countries and regions.


This visit allowed the media from Central Asia to further understand the innovative breakthroughs of King Long in the automotive industry and experience the strong strength of Chinese manufacturing. King Long will firmly implement the Belt and Road initiative aiming to build a better travel community, delivering better products and services to the world.



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