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The delivery of King Long DIDO autonomous logistics vehicle to Jiangsu

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The delivery of King Long DIDO autonomous logistics vehicle to Jiangsu

Jan 17 , 2024

At the beginning of 2024, King Long DIDO autonomous logistics vehicles were delivered to Changshu, Jiangsu, effectively assisting logistics and distribution. This is not the first time that King Long DIDO autonomous logistics vehicles have been put into operation in Changshu. As early as September 2020, it officially entered the daily life of Changshu people and helped build the world's first "unmanned distribution city".

In recent years, the rapid development of the internet has prompted users to demand new services for distribution services, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry. In order to solve the problem of the highest logistics costs but the lowest efficiency in terminal distribution, intelligence has been incorporated into terminal distribution, and autonomous logistics vehicles have emerged.


Compared with the shortcomings of traditional human logistics models, King Long uses its autonomous driving experience and solutions in the field of intelligent network connetction to autonomous logistics vehicles, and solves the traditional terminal distribution problems such as shortage of delivery personnel, declining service quality, and rising corporate costs.

In addition to basic obstacle recognition, following and driving functions, the King Long DIDO autonomous logistics vehicle is equipped with multiple sensors such as laser radar, monocular camera and red-green recognition camera, which work together with advanced algorithms to achieve self-driving in various complex traffic scenarios. Meanwhile, it can also monitor the vehicle status in real time and take over remotely in the background.
It is worth mentioning that the vehicle can carry 200kg of goods at a time, with a range of 100km, and supports appointment delivery, direct delivery, and flexible picking and delivery methods such as scanning codes and picking codes. It provides contactless delivery and safer receiving and sending. Up to now, the King Long DIDO autonomous logistics vehicle has achieved normalized operation in 32 places in 15 cities including Beijing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Changshu, Wuhu, Shanghai, covering eight major scenarios such as urban communities, commercial parks, office buildings, campuses, etc., meeting the diverse needs of consumers.

In the future, King Long will continue to focus on technological innovation, green and low-carbon development, and move towards the goal of becoming a solution provider for intelligent transportation systems.


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