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Take You to Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery along the “Silk Road” with King Long

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Take You to Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery along the “Silk Road” with King Long

Jun 28 , 2022

Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation successfully rang its curtain down in Beijing on May 15, 2017. In the course of the Forum, enterprises in all industries shared achievements and experiences with leaders and customers along the Belt and Road, made a discussion on the promotion of in-depth cooperation and witnessed the remarkable fruits obtained by China through the “Belt and Road” Initiative over the past three years.

By virtue of the “Belt and Road” Initiative, more and more Chinese enterprises go abroad for growth. Based on the previous overseas market, King Long, the “National Vehicle” of China, established friendly partnership with 70 countries along the Silk Road, including Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Russia. King Long has achieved the export volume of 20,000 and become China’s bus manufacturing enterprise with most extensive and perfect market layout along the Silk Road.

By virtue of the spirit of craftsman and win-win cooperation mode, King Long has made a remarkable achievement in terms of the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative and built a good friendship with countries along the Silk Road.

Now the bus produced by King Long takes tourists from around the world to enjoy the magnificent scenery in countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Thailand, Philippines and Russia.

Saudi Arabia

Mecca, the “home of the soul” for Muslims, is a world-known religious capital attracting pilgrims from all over the world. Millions of Muslims come to Mecca in the twelfth month of Islamic calendar alone every year. Grand Mosque in Mecca, located in the center of Mecca, is a famous Mosque of Islam and becomes a main holy land for pilgrims to worship.

As the specified transport vehicle, buses produced by King Long take the pious pilgrims to access or leave Mecca. A Muslim from Ningxia, China said that “the bus produced by King Long has comfortable seats and runs smoothly. It is really something to access Mecca by bus produced by Chinese enterprise.”

The bus produced by King Long has completed the mission of transporting pilgrims year after year under the tough circumstances including a large number of people and vehicles, the high temperature of over 45°C and the slow average speed of 2 km/h, receiving praises from both Ministry of Hajj and operators of Saudi Arabia.

In addition to the specific vehicle for Hajj, King Long bus is also applied in numerous fields, such as school bus, passenger bus and tourist bus.


The ancient Egyptians had created splendid civilization beside the Nile, leaving time-honored historical sites to the later generations.

As one of Four Great Ancient Civilizations, Egypt boasts its numerous amazing historical sites like pyramid, mummy and the Sphinx, as well as beautiful coast of the Red Sea, magnificent Aswan Dam and the mysterious and charming Sahara Desert described in the book of Echo, a famous female writer of Taiwan.

With the eye-catching color of “Egypt White”, every minute number of light buses produced by King Long passes through the street of Cairo, capital of the Egypt. These buses play an important role in the passenger transport of Egypt and are regarded as the tool to become rich by Egyptians.

Now thousands of King Long buses are operating in different markets in different areas of Egypt, and King Long becomes a brand favored by Egyptians.


Whether you are a devout Buddhist, a poetic literary and artistic youth or a fashionist being passionate about life, you will be satisfied in Thailand.

You can learn the peaceful and old Buddhist culture and worship the sacred Four-Faced God in Bangkok, or visit the precious historical and cultural relics in Chiengmai, regarded as the “Rose of the North”, or enjoy the beautiful seascape, unique fairyland, amazing Colosseum Show and colorful night culture in Pattaya.

King Long bus is an unusual landscape in Thailand. No matter in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket or Pattaya, from your first step out of the airport, you would most likely see a familiar King Long bus waiting for you. On the road, you can see King Long bus everywhere.

Every bus of King Long is specially customized according to the climate, landform and the driving habit of drivers in Thailand. The luggage compartment door and rear hatch of each bus are transformed from the eversion style to lift up style to adapt to the narrow road of Thailand, and facilities in the bus, such as bus luggage rack, air vent of integrated air conditioner and luxury reading lamp, have multiple functions and are arranged in rational layout. Since there are numerous mountain roads with steep slope in Phuket, employees of overseas department of King Long pay a visit to Phuket and adjust the power performance and braking performance of the bus through several researches.

The Philippines
Bacolod, the fifth largest city in the Philippines, features its friendly and enthusiastic people with smiling faces and is regarded as the “Smile City”. By virtue of the fresh and clean air and the high degree of afforesting, Bacolod is listed among the preferred cities for living in the Philippines.

Philippines is composed of over 7,000 islands, among which Negros Island is the third largest island of the Philippines as well as the main island of Visayas, located in the central Philippines. Since Bacolod is located in the west of Negros Island, inter-island transport is a characteristic of local transportation.

For example, it takes 6 hours to drive from South Bus Terminal in Bacolod to North Bus Terminal in Cebu for a single trip. Although it takes a long time to travel between these two islands by bus, the local people are willing to take it for the lack of the train and the expensive price of plane ticket.

Therefore, King Long bus takes on heavy responsibilities of transporting passengers on this road. With comfortable seats designed through ergonomics, automobile air-condition, television and restrooms, it provides passengers with more humanized service, becoming the priority selection of the local people.


If you want to enjoy the northern scenery covered with white snow, Russia is recommendable.

As the largest country in the world, Russia boasts its abundant tourism resources, including Red Square and the Kremlin. The vast land breeds the broad-minded Russians, and the long winter makes them being full of love for nature.

As the close friend of China, Russia has a frequent trade and travel contacts with China, and the two countries have established a good partnership. King Long bus is not only taken by ordinary people in Russia, but also taken by leaders in important occasions.

Putin, President of Russia, attended an opening ceremony of a large chemical raw material production plant in 2014. XMQ6129Y, one type of buses produced by King Long, undertook the transport service mission. The wide interior space and the smooth operation of the bus made it possible for Russian journalists to take various pictures of Putin, increasing the liveness of the news report.

King Long bus also serves in other countries along the Silk Road. The number of King Long bus exported to countries along the Silk Road is about 20,000 in nearly three years. It is also sold to over 130 countries and regions all over the world, becoming the important vehicle for tourism travel and daily travel.

As the Belt and Road Initiative responded and recognized by more and more countries, China’s self-owned bus brands represented by King Long will establish trade partnership with more operators from different countries and constantly promote the win-win cooperation mode.

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