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Overseas Market Highlights

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Overseas Market Highlights

Jun 28 , 2022

King Long Buses

Born for breaking distances

Thousand miles a day, rain or shine

Let buses break the distance

May every expectation have a place to reside

Bound for every sunrise

Embrace every sunset

May distance be no longer cold

May lovers be together despite thousands of miles

King Long buses have been exported to every corner of the world with strong after-sales services network and service engineers are dispatched thousands of miles away on all five continents.

  • Cyprus

On May 27th, 2020, 200 King Long premium buses set sail from Xiamen to the Republic of Cyprus. As the first Chinese bus brand to enter the European market, King Long bus once again set a new record, achieved the largest single order in China auto industry to export to EU, and laid a new mileage for Chinese buses to further expand in Europe.

  • Bolivia

On December 15th, 2021, 349 King Long minivans and 66 city buses were shipped to Bolivia, continuing to provide beautiful travel for local residents with excellent quality. King Long vehicles have been deeply integrated into the life of Bolivian people and become an important element of this country.

  • Tunisia

On the afternoon of Oct.29th 2021, the first King Long coach assembled by the Tunisian Zuari Group was successfully launched at the Group's factory in Sousse. As the pioneer of "going global" in China bus industry, King Long successfully broke through the competition among many international brands in the Tunisian market by virtue of its courage to be the first, showing a good image of Chinese buses in the international arena!

  • Egypt

In 2020, due to the adverse impact of the epidemic, King Long and its general distributor in Egypt overcame all difficulties to successfully export 3,897 minivans to Egypt, securing the leading position in the local bus market. At present, the number of King Long minivans in Egypt has exceeded 40,000, and the King Long minivans have become an indispensable sight on the streets of Egypt.

  • Saudi Arabia

In July 2020, 449 King Long intelligent and safe school buses set sail for Saudi Arabia, bringing safer travel to local schoolchildren. Since its arrival in Saudi Arabia in 2015, King Long school buses have withstood the test of Saudi Arabia's high temperature and sandy climate and won the unanimous affirmation from end user and operators.

  • Korea

In March 2021, 43 tailor-made pure electric buses were shipped in 4 batches to South Korea. Running on the streets and alleys of Gyeonggi-do, King Long electric buses with "Chinese wisdom" help Korea to stride for a green public transportation.

Recently, King Long launched its self-developed Digital Factory campaign, focusing on “Four New” strategy: new orientation, new mode, new impetus, new pattern. Through this Digital Factory campaign, King Long tend to realize the integration of manufacturing with service in a perfect combination and to create more resource without limit, to implement the strategic empowering of enterprise digital transformation.

Based on the new development stage, King Long will implement the new development concept, actively serve and integrate into the new development pattern, and continue to cultivate the international market closely focusing on quality and service. King Long is ready to embrace a new development chapter in 2022.

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