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NPC and CPPCC Forge Ties between Kinglong and Beiqi

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NPC and CPPCC Forge Ties between Kinglong and Beiqi

Jun 28 , 2022

2009 marks the thirty-second anniversary for the designation of Beiqi Group as an official carrier provider for sessions of NPC and CPPCC. Every year, about 200 units of coaches runs back and forth between the Great Hall of the People near the Tiananmen Square and various hotels in Beijing to carry delegates from across the nation to attend the sessions on time. According to sources, the fleet serving 2009 NPC and CPPCC sessions has swelled to over 280 units of coaches.   

Having provided transportation services for a number of high-profile events in Beijing, Beiqi Group has its own strict standards when it comes to select coaches for its operation. Every March, usually called a political season in Beijing due to the fact that the NPC and CPPCC sessions usually kick off at this time, Beiqi Group has made an unwritten rule: only its best coaches and well-experienced drivers are qualified to serve the delegates. In recent years, the glitch-free record has won the carrier even more customers in the cut-throat transportation market.

According to LV Zhikai, Deputy General Manager of Beiqi Group, the company now boasts a well-established fleet comprising of 652 units of coaches of various sizes, over 400 of which are of large- and medium-sizes and belonging in the high-end class.

Accounting for nearly 20% market share in the capital’s tourist coach market, Beiqi Group usually requires each coach in its fleet to have high price-performance ratio. Moreover, it is quite rigorous on coach appearance, inside amenities and parts & accessories. Features such as stylish look, spacious interior, large windows, and two-door are must-have before the coach is further evaluated to join the company’s fleet.

To be able to serve the delegates of NPC and CPPCC, the coach must meet some additional requirements, including less-than-three-year’s operation, high fuel economy and environmentally friendliness, and over-500-km mileage. 

Under such rigorous assessment standards, Kinglong still manages to become the brand with the largest number of coaches selected by Beiqi Group to serve delegates during the two sessions.

In Sept. 2007, Beiqi Group purchased its first batch of 21 Kinglong coaches after the coach builder rolled out its Longwei Series Products which immediately attracted people’s attention across the nation by its unique and stylish look and luxurious interior. During the sessions of NPC and CPPCC in 2008, the whole Kinglong fleet was put into service. Later, Beiqi Group placed an additional order of 87 units from Kinglong, ranging from XMQ6129Y, XMQ6129Y2, and medium-sized XMQ6900Y.

In order to better serve its customer, Kinglong keeps close contact with Beiqi Group and spares no efforts in making some adjustments down to such detail as coach height and window sizes. Despite of their short period of cooperation, Kinglong and Beiqi have already forged good business ties and the latter is also quite satisfied with the coach builder’s post-sale services. In addition, the superb after-sale services provided by Kinglong further help it win a number of new customers, including Beijing Yuyang Auto Rental Co., Beijing Bafangda Express Service Co., Beijing CTS (China Travel Service) and Wuxi Passenger Transportation, etc.

In 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Beiqi Group’s Kinglong fleet once again did an excellent job by providing glitch-free transportation services for both athletes and officials from all over the world.

2009 marks the ninth year since Kinglong first started carrying delegates during the sessions of NPC and CPPCC. Despite its rich experience, the company’s post-sale service center still keeps a highly vigilant eye on Kinglong coaches to make sure the smooth transportation of delegates to and from the meeting venue.

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