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No Heavy Maintenance for the King Long Bus for 2.4 million km

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No Heavy Maintenance for the King Long Bus for 2.4 million km

Jun 28 , 2022
It is known form Shijiazhuang Feilu Passenger Transport Company that it is one King Long XMQ6115 bus that makes the record of no heavy maintenance for 2.4 million kilometers, which drive about 700km each day since ten years before. Besides, there is one King Long XMQ6115CS bus with no heavy maintenance for 1.8 million kilometers, which is operated in Yichun, Heilongjiang Province.

Driver Hao Jutong, who has driven this bus for seven years, showed that, “I have worked here for almost 19 years. This bus is quite comfortable and convenient to be operated and advantageous in fast starting in winter, low noise in operation and quick acceleration. Possibly 60% of the passengers become our regular customers, not only for the route but also for the high quality of this bus.”

King Long XMQ6115 bus

The details for the maintenance are fully paid attention by Feilu Passenger Transport Company. Gao Gengwu, deputy chairman and finance director indicated that, “Good driving habit is rather important, in my opinion; we strictly prohibit overspeed, overloading and demand the speed within around 90 kilometers.”

Gao Gengwu, expressed that they purchased second-hand foreign coaches before 2001 and found that the positioning and the configuration comply with their requirements. This XMQ6115 bus is just the first King Long bus they bought. At present, most of their operated 59 buses are King Long products. Also, one XMQ6115 bus and one XMQ6112 bus are operated without heavy maintenance for over 2 million Yuan.

In this March, this transport company ordered five XMQ6129Y5 buses and “King Long Bus offers us great service support in normal times, fast response to our demand. Of course, it is still our top option when we have the vehicle replacement plan”, said Gao Gengwu.

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