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Movable Vendor Shop, All Under Control--King Long Xiaoyao Vendor Car

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Movable Vendor Shop, All Under Control--King Long Xiaoyao Vendor Car

Jun 28 , 2022

Embrace the new era of mobile sales
Compared to fixed shops, Kinglong Xiaoyao vendor cars provide great flexible advantage. Users can install various catering production equipment in their cars to sell various catering. Xiaoyao vendor cars can shuttle through square, street, station and scenic spots at any time. Drivers with C2 license are allowed to drive such cars. Also personal customization is provided according to the needs of different users so as to improve their operation diversity and profitability.

(1) Large space
Spacious interior layout design to accommodate super large equipment (3900 × 1900 × 2000mm), able to carry equipment and goods up to nearly 1000kg.

(2) Easy to clean:
With one step only, vendors can easily access to the interior, which features a complete flat floor with sealed waterproof material, very convenient for vendors to operate and to easily wash with water directly to keep clean.

(3) Pure electric driven
Powered by King Long new energy battery of 73.67kwh capacity, under full load, it can be driven about 250km to meet the operation need of customers. Requiring no generator,the power of equipment comes from its own battery, environmentally friendly and quiet.

(4) Low operation cost
Pure electric powertrain brings economic cost reduction. Compared to diesel vendor cars and suppose you drive 200 kilometers per day and 300 days per year, King Long Xiaoyao vendor cars can help users to save more than 50000 yuan.

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