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Make Trustworthy as the Cultural Gene of King Long Brand——New Year’s Speaking of General Manager for 2020

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Make Trustworthy as the Cultural Gene of King Long Brand——New Year’s Speaking of General Manager for 2020

Jun 28 , 2022

Dear all:

The year of 2019 has flashed by in no time and our country has experienced quite a lot in this year. President Xi Jinping remarked that China’s GDP has expected to reach 100 trillion yuan. We have celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China. Our Chang’e-4 lunar probe has landed the far side of the moon, which was the first time in human history... This is truly a great new era.

In 2020, we set the company's business theme as “Activate Organization and Reshape Culture”. I am convinced that King Long gets its strongest strength from organization and culture to go on new journey. In the future, we will inject a brand new, widely resonating and long-lasting cultural gene into King Long brand after its 31 years journey. The cultural gene is “trustworthy”. We will make our organizations, teams, partnerships, products and services all trustworthy. Leading by King Long's “trustworthy” gene, we will consolidate King Long’s foundations and go steadily and further.

A. Trustworthy Organizations

Trustworthy organizations need to have the ability to build excellent corporate culture, to manage sustainable development and to foster strong team. The basic responsibility of management is to build a trustworthy organization and insert the trustworthy genes into their teams. First and foremost, to conquer the challenges, management need to continually unify their thinking. Through company communication mechanism, we would like to create a transparent environment, eliminate employee misunderstandings and reach group solidarity. Secondly, management must constantly find ways to make the entire organization vibrant through mechanism innovation, motivating employees to realize self-achievement and finally make company successful through personal accomplishment. Thirdly, management should care for employees and respect everyone from the bottom of their hearts and make every “cell” of the organization have the trustworthy gene.

B. Trustworthy Teams

A trustworthy team must have motivation, professionalism, excellent working style and capability to fight and win. Every employee of King Long must keep up with the tide of company development, remain mobilized for brand new endeavors, work hard in the new stage of company development and obtain career achievement. All King Long people must follow the new requirements of the new era, learn more specialized knowledge every day and improve expertise. In this way we can provide professional services that confirm to company values to all kinds of customers and make our contribution to building trustworthy teams.

C. Trustworthy Customer Partnerships

The first thing to manage in enterprise management is people’s mind. No matter we are dealing with customer, distributor, supplier or collaborative innovation partner, the first is to have an honest business principle. We should run global business with good faith. The second is to achieve trustworthy relying on focused and efficient services attitude and ability. The third is to create value that exceeds customer expectations by constantly improving our customer service mechanism.

D. Trustworthy Product and Services

In the future, we must continuously deepen quality revolution and forge reliable product with high quality and maximized usage value that customers can trust and rely on. Meanwhile, we will build a comprehensive service linkage module to explore the potential needs of customers, understand customer and learn from them, so as to innovate and seek mutual development.

We may say these four “trustworthy” are the “Four major pillars” of the King Long brand cultural gene. In order to strengthen the “four major pillars”, we must focus on establishing the following three working mechanisms in 2020.

A. Incentive Mechanism

The vitality of an organization comes from its operating mechanism. One of the most important things for us in the future is to keep improving the incentive mechanism, which will make every willing and capable King Long staff full of energy and vitality and stimulate the unlimited potential of each King Long person and promote common development.

B. Communication Mechanism

We must continuously carry out multi-dimensional communication to eliminate misunderstandings, create a transparent business environment, enhance employee relations and increase employee trust in the organization.

C. Cultural Transmission Mechanism

We must adhere to a clear cultural communication orientation, always spread positive energy based on the company's interests, create a positive working atmosphere, make full use of every minute and keep a tight focus on development.

The success of the organization stems from the power of brand culture. Therefore, for a considerable period of time in the future, the focal point of our management is injecting new cultural gene into King Long brand. After 31 years journey, we firmly believe that starting from 2020, the national brand “King Long” will gain full vitality once again.

As President Xi Jinping said in his 2020 new year speech, “Seize the day, we shall work harder. The greater the difficulty, the further we advance.” New year represents new start and new atmosphere. Let us continue to take Xi Jinping's words as the guide, seize the day and live it to the full. Striving for a new era and new journey, we look forward to making King Long business thriving and prosperous in the world.

Best wishes to King Long and everyone!

Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd.

January 2nd, 2020

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