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Longwin II XMQ6127

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Longwin II XMQ6127

Jun 28 , 2022

Longwin II XMQ6127 is a luxury tourist bus tailored for tourism, group and passenger transport markets. Equipped with Man chassis and in full consideration of customers’ needs, it is a masterpiece crafted to further promote consumer value and to comprehensively enhance customer operation ability and confidence in a bid to upgrade your operation revenue to a higher level.

Inherit Classic, Aggressive & Stylish

Longwin II XMQ6127 inherits Longwin family's high-value lineage with square modelling, which brings a sense of domineering visual impact; LED intelligent headlamp with orange and red line; Mellow and full front wall, making the overall model more elegant, smooth and atmospheric; Front and rear wall double license plate space design, specially for cross-border vehicles which request double license plates.

1.Streamlined side decoration, domineering and aesthetics, also helpful for reducing fuel consumption

2. Widened inward swing front passenger door to reduce the collision of passengers when getting on and off.

3.Integrated pneumatic luggage compartment and through left-to-right design, providing luggage storage more convenient.

4. Large opening of the rear engine compartment hatch, more efficient and convenient for maintenance

Comfortable Journey Upgrade Experience

Following the international trend and concept and based on the philosophy of “customer experience foremost”, we newly developed its luxury interior with multiple detailed features in the name of technology and fashion, such as the whole car atmosphere lamp, nail free interior layout, and leather seats. The uniform inner roof color matching, integrated air grill, beautiful and practical luggage racks, all render passengers with visual and tactile delights in trendy ways.

1. Reasonable seat layout, up to 60 seats. Two seat plan options: 2 2 or 2 3

2. FAINSA GALA 2 2 passenger seats

3. Safety partition wall after driver, creating independent space for driver

4. Ergonomic passenger seats in line with human body for more comfortable journey

5. Adjustable reading lamp, enriching travel experience

Intelligent Control Manipulation Upgrate

Longwin II XMQ6127, its cockpit is scientifically designed to comprehensively optimize the manipulation space and to provide drivers with better vision in a bid for more convenient and comfortable operation. The circular dashboard boasts integrated shift lever, large rocker switches and readily accessible common functions. The driver seat with shock absorption system dramatically releases driving fatigue.

1.Scientific layout of cockpit, spacious and comfortable driving space

2. New type of rocker switches, convenient and durable

3.Driver Seat with shock absorbing system to relieve driver fatigue

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