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Longwin II: How to Build a C-SCAP “Super Five-Star” Bus?

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Longwin II: How to Build a C-SCAP “Super Five-Star” Bus?

Jun 28 , 2022

At the 2018 Road Transportation Vehicle Exhibition just ended, King Long’s Longwin II passed the first-batch test of China Safety Coach Assessment Program (C-SCAP) with the highest score of 98.02 points and won the title of “China Super Five-Star Safety Bus”.

Then, which kind of the strength competition is the C-SCAP test? How can Longwin II emerge to win the title among other competitors?

“Touchstone” for Assessment of Bus Safety

While purchasing automotive products, the safety is undoubtedly the most important assessment indicator. When the consumers face towards numerous products, how to judge their safety? The objective and just assessment results are undoubtedly the best references. In the passenger vehicle sector, the practice was already available to assess the safety performance of vehicles and intuitively quantize the assessment results by star rating.

Release conference of first batch of C-SCAP assessment results

However, the safety assessment practice for the bus market has been constantly unavailable so that there was no systematically quantitative assessment method for the products superior to the standard requirements. Under this background, C-SCAP was emerged in July, 2017 to initiate the authoritative third-party assessment of vehicle safety in China bus industry.

Display of C-SCAP final assessment results by stars

Differing from the “Conformance test”, the C-SCAP assessment is more stringent than the China’s available mandatory standard to manifest the assessment results by star ratings and quantitative scores, make clear at a glance the safety performance levels of buses, and effectively differentiate and show the differences, in order to boost the sales and performance promotion of products and the healthy and sustainable development of the whole industry.

The Deputy Head of King Long Engineering Research Institute Su Liang said in an interview that, under the background the national’s advocating of supply end structural reform, King Long, as a bus manufacturer, will be oriented in the market demands and manufacture the high safety performance products required by the users to meet the expectation of the public for safe traveling and beautiful life. “C-SCAP is the ‘Touchstone’ for the safety performance assessment of buses and the star rating is expected to become the market trend.”

Revealing of Super Five-Star Safety Bus

“The assessment results released this time are for the vehicle models of most excellent performance and highest overall safety level in China bus industry.” At the release conference of the first batch of C-SCAP assessment results, the President of the Bus Subcommittee of China Highway and Transportation Society Wang Qiying said. Then, in the high-level competition, how could Longwin II become the winner?

“Thanks to the double-mode R&D mode of the modular and platform R&D mode whole-process digital development mode, Longwin II realized the high harmony of the whole vehicle.” The relevant technicians of Longwin II project introduced. In terms of the braking safety, Longwin II is equipped with active safety systems, including new generation electronic braking force distribution system and electronic stability control (AEBS ESC) to, by means of the accurate tuning of vehicle, the reasonable matching of axle loads, and the application of high-precision vector sensors, utilize the road adhesion coefficient to the maximum extent and shorten the braking distance. The active brake system realized zero-collision from 80km/h to 0. This is the first vehicle model among the domestic commercial vehicles to meet this indicator to safeguard the driver and passengers to the maximum extent.

Performance test of automatic emergency brake system for Longwin II

As a high-end product benchmarking the world’s first-class brands, Longwin II is comparable with the international high-end brands in multiple indicators, including the steering performance related to the stability and safety of the vehicle. With the application of the air suspension system of King Long independent intellectual property rights and plus the multiple rounds of subjective and objective assessments by German experts, Longwin II realized the comparable vehicle maneuverability and comfort with European and American high-end brands and achieved brilliant performances in this test in both control stability assessment and anti-rollover stability assessment.

Rollover Test of Longwin II (Diagram to be processed)

In terms of structural safety, the vehicle framework adopts the 3-H high-strength closed-loop structure, King Long’s proprietary patent technology, to provide the high-strength body for Longwin II. The minimum survival space hit 122mm during the rollover test, which was far beyond the industry’s average level.

Passenger Protection Test of Longwin II

For the safeguard of passengers, Longwin II boasts firm internal structure besides the high-strength external structure. In terms of the seats closely related to the passengers, the previous seat collision test was performed as per the 30km/h requirement of national standard, which only covered the protection of head, chest, and legs and didn’t cover the neck protection requirements. However, the C-SCAP assessment program added the neck protection requirement under the 50km/h speed to safeguard the passengers more comprehensively.

During the test, the safety technology developed independently for Longwin II type C seats is superior to the world’s most stringent Australian passenger protection standard (ADR68), becoming the presently China first full-score seat in the C-SCAP assessment.

In addition, the application of technologies in Longwin II, including fatigue driving system for detection of driver’s fatigue characteristics and poor driving habits and the intelligent speed-limiting system for automatic identification of road speed-limit signboards, adds the bonus safety score.

The safety is the primary need of traveling and also the first mission of King Long. As a pioneer for R&D of bus safety technologies and an advocator for new safety concept of buses, King Long, with continuously technologic innovations, starts from active and passive safety technologies and comprehensively promotes the safety performances of buses to build more protection measures for the operation safety of buses.

King Long always accompanies your traveling safety!

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