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Kingster Series Products Hot in Nationwide Tour 2020

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Kingster Series Products Hot in Nationwide Tour 2020

Jun 28 , 2022

Themed on “Lead the way and achieve win-win”, King Long Bus Nationwide Tour 2020 of Kingster Series Products is started in mid-May. During just over one month, 20 units of Kingster are dispatched from Shaoxing to more than 20 provinces across the country, with a footprint in more than 120 prefecture-level cities. There are over 230 experience activities hold for customers to feel the charm of Kingster in zero distance and all-round way.

Kingster is an all-new multi-functional commercial coach aiming the segment markets including quality tourism transportation, group commuting, official and commercial reception, etc. With hard core technology and incredible experience, Kingster is capable to meet higher market expectations in no matter appearance or performance.

During the development process of Kingster, the technical team of King Long joints with the domestic and foreign top adjustment experts of Testing Center and spends more than three months to carry out several rounds of vehicle performance tuning. Through professional technical testing and adjustment and continuous spiral optimization, its riding comfort, operating stability and steering performance all reach the optimum condition.

Distance tests a horse's stamina. Nationwide Tour with tens of thousands of kilometers’ mileage is exactly a comprehensive test for Kingster. So how is the performance of Kingster? Veteran drivers are best qualified to speak on this question. In this tour for Henan route, Mr. Wang, a real experienced driver who has been driving for over 20 years, drove north from Shaoxing to Zhengzhou, Zhoukou, Wugang and other cities. Kingster accompanied with him all along the way. “In ten days, I drove Kingster from Zhejiang to Henan for more than 2000 kilometers, it feels so great!" He can't help but praise his "companion", "Kingster is very well handled with sufficient power and easy adaptability to all kinds of road conditions on the way. The noise is low, with superior comfort."

At the experience site, after an in-depth look at Kingster, customers fully affirmed its appearance and quality. Moreover, some customers directly placed orders to show their recognition for Kingster.

Henan Merchants Passenger Travel Co., Ltd. can be described as a hardcore fan of King Long buses, which have accounted for nearly half of their operating vehicles. Now, Kingster, as a new member brought into the company's King Long fleet, will take responsibility of the high-end tourism and business reception. "Kingster adopts car-type all-stamping body and the vehicle refinement is obviously seen. Its upscale appearance, roomy and comfortable interior space correspond to the need of high-quality vehicles from high-end tourist reception." General Manager of the company Kong Yan said.

Jinlong Jettai Automobile Transport Co., Ltd. under Shanxi Auto Transport Group has purchased 15 units of Kingster, which will be used for tourism reception. The company is a comprehensive transport enterprise and keeps a close cooperation with King Long. "Nowadays there are more and more demands for small-group and high-quality tourism transportation. Kingster stands out from the similar products with its eye-catching appearance, reliable performance and high adaptability to various operation purposes such as tourism, group reception etc. I believe that Kingster will bring a wonderful experience to passengers." Li Xiping, General Manager of the company expressed his full confidence in Kingster.

At present, the Nationwide Tour of Kingster series products is still in full swing, bringing customers an ultimate experience of the all-new multi-functional commercial coach.

Kingster, heading for a win-win future together with you!

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