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Kinglong: Winning & Running in China Report V

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Kinglong: Winning & Running in China Report V

Jun 28 , 2022
Through nearly a month of planning, Xiamen Kinglong United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd (Kinglong for short as below) kicked off its long-distance trial run of new devices and technology on August 31, 2009 in Hebei province.

Kinglong Buses

Kinglong on the Move in Shuozhou

At present, the Kinglong bus fleet arrives in Shanxi province, northwestern part of China. When the bus fleet gets in Shanxi, the local weather condition is bad and also it has great temperature difference in morning and evening. But, Kinglong thinks that it is a very good opportunity to test its vehicles performance and devices.

Kinglong Longway

Kinglong Longway Bus in the Test

Kinglong Longway series bus XMQ6128Y has very modern appearance. Especially its K shape design, it is the Kinglong’s special symbol. There are many humanized designs in the bus, such as convenient driving area, comfortable environment, multimedia entertainment system, etc.

Through the test, the engine performance of this model also has very good performance. The vehicle running in the speed of 100km/h, the engine rotation reaches 1250r/min. As the vehicle running in the speed of 120km/h, the engine rotation is only in 1550r/min. Regarding the fuel consumption of this bus, it can call the king of oil-saver. The bus running in the speed of 90km/h, the oil consumption per 100km is only 21L. When the air conditioner is in operation, the oil consumption per 100km for this bus is only 24L. It is a very good result for this kind of 12 meter-long bus.

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