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Kinglong to Unveil Series of New School Buses Next Year

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Kinglong to Unveil Series of New School Buses Next Year

Jun 28 , 2022

It is reported  that on 22nd November 2011, Kinglong  confirmed that they are now developing 'long-nose' school buses meeting American federal safety standards and will unveil a series of new school buses next year.

American style 'long-nose' school bus 

Earlier this month, an overloaded school minibus crashed head-on with a truck in a rural area of western China’s Gansu province, killing at least 18 kindergarten children on their way to school. So many China buses enterprises are now developing the safety school buses to meet the demand of Chinese Market.

The dept. head said  Kinglong is now developing school buses for China in accordance with the standards of American-made school buses. The new school buses will range from a dozen seats to fifty or more seats and cover both 'long-nose' school buses and flat head school buses.

The American school bus is often painted yellow and has a forward protruding 'long nose', which is designed to absorb a crash to give protection in a head-on collision.

"Theoretically, 'long-nose' buses can provide the driver and front-seat passengers more protection in a head-on collision, but shape is not the only indicator of the safety of a school bus. More emphasis should be put on improving the school bus standards in China,” said a head of the Kinglong Design Department.

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