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Kinglong Overseas Marketing System More Mature, Frequent Orders

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Kinglong Overseas Marketing System More Mature, Frequent Orders

Jun 28 , 2022

In 2008 the international financial crisis influences the entire world, just as Europe and the United States automotive industry waiting for the government assistance, Chinese buses hold high banner in the international market. In mid-November 2008, the author in the interview of Kinglong saw neat rows of the BRT 18 meters buses were about sent to Iran. Recently, the good news comes from Kinglong, a group of Philippine buses have been off the assembly line, in addition, the export to United Kingdom, Australia and other places also tightly work towards the orders. It is said that up to now, the total export amount of Kinglong more than 200,000,000 U.S. dollars, comparing to the same period of last year more than 90%.

Being to export vehicles

At present, Kinglong in the overseas marketing system has a huge upgrade. From the first few people to now more than 100 overseas marketing team; from the VCA certification to the current exemption of export, the Russian GOST certification, Australia ADR certification and a series of international permits; from the first sale to present marketing function, market research, and after-sales service, product certification, the international financial operations, customer relationship management, logistics and so on a full range of functions, the Kinglong overseas operations system has been a qualitative change.

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