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Kinglong Opens Natural Gas Bus Market

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Kinglong Opens Natural Gas Bus Market

Jun 28 , 2022

November 4,author knew from Kinglong relevant departments that the first 11 CNG road buses produce for Chongqing's Wanzhou auto company have been off line, which is China's first batch of investment in short-distance road passenger transport CNG buses. On the same day, Shanxi Xianyun group ordered a natural gas XMQ6800Y2 Pakistan has been delivered. For the current oil prices rising, passenger transport fares are facing the embarrassing situation, this is a very good signal. Kinglong will be the first to introduce technology to the road bus field in the natural gas industry. Not only for energy saving and environmental protection product industry to set a good example, but also show his keen insight to the market.

CNG buses are short for compressed natural gas buses (CNG,English full name is Compressed Natural Gas), natural gas is pressurized and stored in the container as a vehicle fuel to use, recognized by the world as the best alternative fuel.

Kinglong provided for Chongqing market CNG buses Highway 8 meters and 8.5 meters of the two models. According to Ma Xiao Fang introduced, 8 meters configured natural gas meet the mileage run within 350 km, and the model 8.5 meters meet within 400 km, and filling air about 20 minutes one time, Will not delay too much time. Different from CNG city buses, Kinglong CNG (a total of 5 cylinder) placed cylinders in front-top of the vehicle and outer cylinders fixed with body, and the body height of only about 3.6 meters. Body will not be too high to lead security hazard for collision. In this way, reducing the security risks caused by natural gas accidentally spill outside, at the same time not taking too much space inside the vehicle and adding more capacity.

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