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Kinglong Hybrid Bus Starts to Sell in Singapore

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Kinglong Hybrid Bus Starts to Sell in Singapore

Jun 28 , 2022
News from Xiamen Kinglong United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd (Kinglong for short as below) reports that the new Kinglong hybrid bus starts to sell in Singapore. Xiamen Kinglong United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd and Singapore STK Company signed a cooperation deal on November 16, 2009 to jointly explore and develop hybrid bus industry and market.

Kinglong Hybrid Bus

Kinglong Hybrid Bus

According to Singapore’s development plan, environmental protection is the keynote. Singapore needs more and more green buses in the near future. Hence, Kinglong and STK have a very good platform to cooperate.

Kinglong Hybrid Buses

Many people Focus on Kinglong Hybrid Bus

Kinglong estimates that Singapore needs nearly 4000 hybrid buses by 2015. Since 2008, Kinglong and STK started the mutual cooperation to research and develop the hybrid bus. Kinglong's working team carefully researched the Singaporean market. According to the features of this market, Kinglong created this new hybrid bus. High quality, low fuel consumption, low costs of maintenance and high running performance make this bus highlighting in Singapore.

It is the first China-made hybrid bus exporting to overseas market. This event will be written down to the history of China buses and coaches industry.

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