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Kinglong: Export Volume Exceeds 1.1 Billion Yuan

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Kinglong: Export Volume Exceeds 1.1 Billion Yuan

Jun 28 , 2022
28 BRT inner city buses are waiting for boarding to Iran on August 12, 2009. So far, Xiamen Kinglong United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd (Kinglong for short as below) exports more than 1,300 buses to overseas market in this year. Comparing the other buses and coaches corporations, Kinglong places the leading position.

Kinglong BRT Buses Export to Iran

Under the circumstance of global financial crisis, the demand of domestic and overseas market is weak. In order to overcome these difficulties, Kinglong enhances its sale and after-sale service. Meanwhile, through optimizing market, developing news clients and researching brand, the sale of Kinglong is still very hot in the first half of this year and the buses & coaches are exported to many countries and regions in the world, including Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Italy, Senegal, Iran, Vietnam, India, South Africa, Nigeria, Australia, Algeria, etc. The export value exceeds $30 million since June.

First Hybrid Bus Exports to Singapore

According to insiders of Kinglong reveal that its recent sale rebounds and the export value of each month in the second half will exceed $15 million. The total year’s export value will exceed 1.1 billion Yuan.

Kinglong Buses Export to Saudi Arabia

In the year of 2009, Kinglong strengthens its brand in overseas markets. It creates the core theory: Always on Your Way. This theory contains several meanings. First, Kinglong is the best partner for all of clients. Second, Kinglong will help its clients to gain the maximum benefit. Third, Kinglong will try its efforts to get the win-win situation.

According to Kinglong’s plan, it will take part in 2009 Busworld Belgium in October, 2009. The expo will be another very good opportunity to upgrade Kinglong’s brand and enterprise’s image. Through these world-level expos, Kinglong also knows its shortages. The shortage is the power; the shortage is the pressure; the shortage is the engine that can drive Kinglong to go further and stronger.

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