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Kinglong Buses: the Designated Reception Vehicles for Shanghai World Expo

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Kinglong Buses: the Designated Reception Vehicles for Shanghai World Expo

Jun 28 , 2022
It is known on 9 March from Kinglong Bus that Kinglong buses will serve this World Expo as the designated reception vehicles in 2010 and there will be a highest end and most comfortable voluntary blood donation vehicle to be applied in the area of World Expo then.

"The Best Practice Region of City" where Xiamen House is located is separately shown for the first time. The activities such as introduction of promotion of the investment to Xiamen as well as "Xiamen: the exquisite line for Shanghai World Expo", brand image of famous companies and products exhibition will be held in Xiamen House to display its charming to the world through the platform of this expo.

It is understood from Kinglong Bus that there will be six Kinglong buses serving the Xiamen House with considerate and fast service. The related staff showed that the World Expo is another global activity after Beijing Olympic Games in China. The service of Kinglong Bus for Xiamen House indicated its capability.

This May, the voluntary blood donation vehicle  will formally be used in the areas of World Expo, which is produced by Kinglong Bus with 50% discount to show the great support of Kinglong Bus for the utility and Shanghai World Expo. It is introduced that this model is the highest end and most comfortable vehicle for donating blood in China.

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