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Kinglong Bus Show Four Sparkling Points for World Expo

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Kinglong Bus Show Four Sparkling Points for World Expo

Jun 28 , 2022
Since 1 May, 2010, the attention from the world is paid to the World Expo in Shanghai. Kinglong Bus well prepared for serving the World Expo and showed four sparkling points for that.

76 Kinglong Special Vehicles

Kinglong Special VehicleKinglong Special Vehicle

76 Kinglong XMQ6126Y3 buses undertake the transport service on No. 10 Bus Route for Expo from Shanghai International Circuit to World Expo-Bay Beach, which the pavilions of European countries, American countries and African countries. It is known from the interview of passengers that the chairs with ergonomic design, light noise and air-condition with central ventilation system offer the comfortable riding.

The Designated Vehicles for Xiamen Pavilion

The Designated Vehicles for Xiamen Pavilion
The Designated Vehicles for Xiamen Pavilion

As both the strategic partner of Xiamen Pavilion and the famous company representative in Xiamen municipal, Kinglong Bus sent 6 buses for designated vehicles for the transport service. For many years, Kinglong Bus has become the top choice for buses based on reliable quality and exquisite service. It also a good chance for Kinglong Bus to display its unique charming again.

World Top Blood Collecting Vehicles

On 14 June 2010, it is the seventh "World Blood Donor Day" and Shanghai Municipal Blood Administration Office ordered a top limo blood collecting vehicle valuing RMB 4.8 million Yuan. This model is independently developed by Kinglong Bus, equipped with imported chassis units and luxury interior decoration. For great support for public welfare establishments and World Expo, Kinglong Bus specially made 50% discount for this bus. It is understood that the first limo blood collecting vehicle will drive to World Expo Park for blood collection at the scene.

Electric Buses Promote "Low-carbon World Expo"

Energy-conservation and low-carbon is the theme of Shanghai World Expo. In December 2009, Kinglong XMQ6126YE electric buses were formally applied in Shanghai with good operation condition currently and high approval from local citizens. The model has been listed in the national recommendation for new energy vehicles and the purchaser has the qualification to apply national subsidy. Moreover, due to the nice demonstration of Kinglong XMQ6126YE, some customers intend to order Kinglong electric buses in mass production.

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