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KingLong Bus:Maintainance Bulletin

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KingLong Bus:Maintainance Bulletin

Jun 28 , 2022

Breaking-in of the new vehicle

Engine of new vehicle should be sure not to operate at the maximum power output during the breaking-in period to keep the best performance and superior efficiency as well as guarantee durable service life. Please pay more attention to abnormal phenomenon occurred during driving in breaking-in period. Given breaking-in mileage of the new vehicle is 1500 km.

Preparation before breaking-in of the new vehicle

(1) Wash the vehicle and check connections for fixture.
(2) Check coolant storage in radiator and check components of cooling system for leakage.
(3) Check oil level of engine, clutch control system, transmission, rear axle, steering gear, if deficient, add and then check components for oil leaks.
(4) Check to see if braking system operates properly and connections of valves and pipeline are leaky.
(5) Check to see if components of steering system for its loosing or clogging
(6) Check the electric equipment, lamplight and the instrument for their proper operation as well as level of the battery electrolyte level.
(7) Check whether the tire pressure has meet the standard.
(8) Check to see if transmission gears can engage properly.

Maintenance during the breaking-in period

(1) It should be driven on the favorable even road surface.
(2) Make proper driving and engage the clutch smoothly. The gear shifting should be smooth and the impact is not allowed. Stalling and neutral gliding is forbidden and emergency braking should not be made as possible.
(3) Speed limitation during the breaking-in period is: Not exceeding 10km/h for the first gear; No exceeding 20km/h for the second gear; No exceeding 30km/h for the third gear; No exceeding 50km/h for the fourth gear; No exceeding 60km/h for the fifth gear; do not apply overspeed gear during breaking-in period .
(4)Load limit: Noload within 250km and never overload after 250km.
(5) Pay more attention to the temperature of transmission, rear axle, hub and brake drum, if overheating severely, find out causes and eliminate in time .
(6) Specail attention should be made to keep the engine oil pressure and the engine coolant temperature within the normal range.
(7) After breaking-in 250km, replace engine lubricant so as not to block oilway and scratch bearing shell due to iron chips, sand, dirt and abrasive dust. When replacing engine lubricant, drain lubricant when engine is hot and then replace as required.

Maintenance after the breaking-in

(1) Tighten cylinder head and bolts (inc suspending).
(2) Check the valve clearance.
(3) Check lubricant level of final drive and clean ventilation plug.
(4) Replace the engine, the transmission, the final drive lubricant and the oil filter element.
(5) Replace hydraulic oil and oil tank filter of steering hydraulic system.
(6) Check connection of transmission control mechanism for looseness.
(7) Check connections of steering gear for looseness and damage.
(8) Tighten bolts and nuts of front and rear suspension (at full load).
(9) Check connection of chassis and driving system according to specified torque.
(10) Check hydraulic system components of steering mechanism for fixture.
(11) Lubricate and maintain vehicle according to items at 4000km.
(12) Check overall vehicle for oil, water and air leakage.

Maintenance period and items of the vehicle

Maintenance per 4000km

(1) Check acceleration and deceleration performance.
(2) Check engine exhaust system for proper operation.
(3) Check the fuel, lubricant and the coolant for their leakage.
(4) Check cleanliness and surplus of the lubricant.

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