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King Long XMQ6900Y completes its frontal crash test

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King Long XMQ6900Y completes its frontal crash test

Jun 28 , 2022
On February 22 2012, in the automobile text base of Beijing Transport Ministry, King Long XMQ6900Y, the flat coach was driving at the speed of 30 km/hour, then crashed into the text obstacle with its front side and stop to finish its text, This is the first coach in China completing its frontal crash.

King Long XMQ6900Y coach completes its frontal crash

King Long XMQ6900Y coach completes its frontal crash

In the text base, the staff from King Long Bus, started to do the preparation work for the frontal crash, such as installing acceleration sensor, sticking marks, installing dummies, testing steering column and steering wheel in the driving area etc. According to the test requirements, it needs to measure and record forty groups of experiment data of the coach change sizes before and after the frontal crash, which includes the damaged dummies data and the acceleration course during the whole process of collision. What is more, there were three high speed camera which were used for recording the whole process of the collision . 

From the test site, after the crash, the body of the coach was rebound nearly five meters. It is seen from the picture that the front windscreen was broken and the rear view mirror was dropped. The front covering of the coach was in folding deformation. The front wall skeleton was without any obvious deformation, as the longitudinal beam frame in the front wall has certain function on absorbing the crash force and buffering the coach. The driver space was not be obviously invaded. the dummy driver and passengers in the first row were nearly in their original sitting position, which indicated that they did not happen displacement and the seat belts bound were effective to protect the passengers. The A/B/C column in the coach were no obvious deformation. The window in the driver's side, the passenger door and the side windows were all in good condition. What is more, the seats and other interior trimmings were all in their original position without discovering shift phenomenon. The testing results showed King Long XMQ6900Y coach had done a good achievement in its 100% frontal crash.

King Long XMQ6900Y coach

After King Long XMQ6900Y coach successfully passed through the frontal crash test, it will continue to devote RMB 5 million to developing the subsequent anticollision beam's research and development,and it release a set of anticollision beam, which it will be used in the King Long "Wisdom School Bus" then will gradually be extended to other models of coaches.

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