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King Long XMQ6106G CNG buses driving in Bangkok

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King Long XMQ6106G CNG buses driving in Bangkok

Jun 28 , 2022
Recently, it can be that 80 units of King Long XMQ6106G CNG buses are driving in the street of Bangkok and form beautiful scenery which was the King Long delivered to Bangkok Public Transportation Company.

King Long CNG bus in Bangkok
King Long CNG bus in Bangkok

XMQ6106 is a new bus product of King Long which combined the international popular design principle with the Chinese traditional aesthetic elements to make bus with beautify, big carrying and human nature as a whole. It represents a new generation of city bus development direction. When the design, the engineers of King Long also took measure on the configuration and performance optimization, the wheelbase extension, the front thickness reduce etc. to make the passengers have a comfort and enjoyable travelling. 

King Long CNG bus is driving in the street of Bangkok>
King Long CNG bus is driving in the street of Bangkok

It is learnt from the overseas sales department manager of King Long, Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, belongs to the tropical monsoon climate, so the whole year, the weather is always high temperature and rainy. Besides, the road condition is relatively poor, so the requirement on the operation of buses is rather high. Therefore, when in the design of buses, King Long’ engineers fully considered the local climate, the road and the passengers characteristics, so they strengthened the body frame design, processed electrophoresis body anticorrosive on chassis, increased the cooling system and precisely controlled the CAN bus technology on the operation of the cooling fan to make sure the buses in high temperature weather, the CAN is also in safe operation. In order to improve the ride comfort, it is also equipped with air suspension. At the same time, it raises the arrangement position of batteries or electric elements, in order to adapt to the local rainy season.

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