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King Long Wins Two Grand Awards of China Bus Industry

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King Long Wins Two Grand Awards of China Bus Industry

Jun 28 , 2022

On January 12, 2018, the 12th Great Influence on China Bus Industry series activities jointly hosted by the Urban Public Transport Branch of China Civil Engineering Society and the were held ceremoniously in Beijing. The industry experts, the society representatives, and the representatives from bus manufacturers, public transportation, and support technology gathered together to witness this grand industry event.

At the night of this grand event, the results of the 12th Great Influence to China Bus Industry activity were officially unveiled. King Long won two awards, “High-Grade Touring Bus Star” for Longwin II and “Intelligent Bus Star” for Apolong, which demonstrated the King Long’s powerful strength in the high-end bus and intelligent driving fields.

“High-Grade Touring Bus Star” - Longwin II

As a China’s high-grade bus legend and classic, Longwin was well sold around the world in 10 years from its market launch. In May, 2017, through 10 years of glory and accumulation, the all-new Longwin II was launched to speak for China’s high-grade buses.

Longwin II manifested the confidence of China’s bus manufacturing industry and represented the King Long’s original intention for devoting to public transportation, the King Long’s confidence for insisting on independent innovation, and King Long’s ambition for challenging the world’s high-grade bus manufacturing summit. While inheriting the classic, Longwin II realized the surpassing innovations and creatively built the double R&D mode, namely modular and platform R&D mode (KMP) whole-process digital management design (DMD), to truly realize the high vehicle harmony of the Longwin platform.

Longwin II is an answer of King Long to the China bus industry under the background of the industry 4.0 and the urgent need of industry transformation and upgrade. During the all-round upgrade of Longwin II as a globalized product, King Long synchronously launched the R&D of Longwin II Overseas model based on the new generation Longwin platform and won the order from EU market. In October of the same year, Longwin II was exhibited at Busworld Kortrijk, the world’s top exhibition. By taking the EU market as the start point, Longwin II officially entered into the international market.

“Intelligent Bus Star” - Apolong

With cute appearance and compact body, Apolong attracted great attention in 2017 and many King Long fans considered it “Yearly Most Attractive Bus” award.

Without steering wheel, accelerator pedal, or brake pedal, the emergence of Apolong as the China’s first commercial-level driverless micro-circulation vehicle is telling the industry that the driverless age is coming.

Jointly developed by King Long and Baidu, Apolong features not only the cute appearance, but also the extraordinary intelligence, with the automatic driving level reaching L4 (Note: Highly automatic driving means that all driving operations are completed by the driverless system). Besides the perfective realization of automatic driving shuttling function, it also incorporates more powerful functions. It supports diversified operation scene needs, including automated operation mode, public transportation operation mode (fixed routes), and taxi mode (mobile APP call service). The user can realize nearly one hundred functions by interactive means of natural language dialog, including vehicle control, vehicle status inquiry, and audio/video entertainment. The vehicle cloud operation management realizes the control of remote allocation and automatic start via platform or mobile APP.

Apolong was designed for the “Last 1km" shuttling service from the initial stage and will realize commercialized mass production and online operation in 2018. By means of the operation of driverless micro-circulation vehicle in specific scene, King Long set up an example and benchmarking for the commercialized application of driverless vehicles in China.

Looking back to 2017, the honors won by King Long were the recognition and support from all sectors of society, including extensive customers, industry experts, and media. Looking into 2018, King Long will continue to insist on independent R&D and lead forward. Galloping on the road influencing the China bus industry, King Long will be more exciting!

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