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King Long was selected in the State Council’s

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King Long was selected in the State Council’s

Jun 28 , 2022

"Science&Technology Reform Demonstration Action" is called "Special action on deepening market-oriented reform and enhancing independent innovation ability of 100 science and technology-oriented enterprises”, which is another state-owned specific enterprise reform project after "double hundred actions" and "regional comprehensive reform experiment" projects. Under the premise of effective strengthening of the Party's overall leadership toward state-owned enterprises and resolute prevention of the loss of state assets, more than 200 state-owned science and technology enterprises with great urgency in reform and innovation were selected to further promote the deepening of market-oriented reform according to the high-quality development requirements. The focus is on exploring innovation and making breakthrough in corporate governance improvement, market-oriented selection of personnel, incentives and constrains reinforcement and other aspects, so as to build a number of state-owned science and technology enterprises reform model and independent innovation vanguard and then replicate and promote the successful experience on this basis.

As a leading enterprise of China's self-owned bus brand, in the past 31 years, King Long always considers the dream of making China strong in bus manufacturing as its mission and sticks to the path of independent innovation. In recent years, King Long grasps the opportunity of a new round of technological and industrial revolution, takes the "electrification, networking, intelligence and sharing" of bus as the direction of scientific and technological innovation, comprehensively promotes independent core technology research and development and deepens the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing. Among the list announced this time, King Long has become a technology based enterprise representative of traditional manufacturing industry with its own core technology in self-driving, intelligent network, active and passive safety, energy-saving and lightweight, new energy and fuel cells etc. King Long persists in the innovation-driven development strategy through constant breakthrough in major technology bottlenecks, development momentum transform and improvement of key elements configuration efficiency, successfully completes the registration work required by the State Council with excellent reform program and officially opens the road to science and technology reform.

Next, "National Bus" King Long will take "science reform demonstration action" as the guide and become a state-owned enterprises reform vanguard through a series of initiatives including continuously stimulating enterprise life force, perfecting the market-oriented selection mechanism, improving the market-oriented management mechanism, enhancing the core competitiveness and establishing a characteristic party building brand. King Long will explore the best practice in state-owned enterprise reform, play an exemplary and leading role as "National Bus" and promote high-quality development, transformation and upgrading of Chinese bus industry.

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