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King Long "Technology Tour" to Three Gorges

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King Long "Technology Tour" to Three Gorges

Jun 28 , 2022
On October 20th-22nd, King Long "Technology Tour" exhibition was held in the Three Gorges. Over 200 customer representatives from Beijing, Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning and Hebei, etc. attended the exhibition to appreciate King Long technologies while enjoying the scenery of the Three Gorges.

King Long

2012 King Long "Technology Tour" started from Jiujiang City to cross over 30 provinces and cities within 90 days, in order to reveal the new buses and innovative technologies. From October, King Long will also focus on forward anti-collision system, auto rate-limiting control system and LDWS, etc. in the exhibition.

King Long

During the exhibition, Doctor Chen, Xiaobing told the customers about the principles and functions of King Long "Intelligent Drive", which was a new revolutionary oil-efficient technology that optimizes the engine output according to road condition to save 10% of the oil consumption.

Technology Department Director of Liaoning Huyue Group, which is a professional transport company, shared his experience with the attendees. From 2007, the company took measures to reduce emission and in June 2012, the company equipped its buses with King Long "Intelligent Drive", saving 10% of the oil consumption.

King Long

Besides, King Long launched a series of active safety technologies aiming at frequent traffic accidents, 80% of which are caused by over speeding and fatigue driving, etc. In July, King Long developed forward anti-collision system, auto rate-limiting control system and lane departure warning system to avert hidden dangers.

Safety and fuel efficiency are priority for transport industry. King Long is adopting technologies to change the traditional management mode.

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