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King Long Stages Bus Glass Bursting Demonstration and Escape Drill

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King Long Stages Bus Glass Bursting Demonstration and Escape Drill

Jun 28 , 2022

The King Long bus glass bursting demonstration and escape drill was staged at Zhongshan Road of Xiamen City on the morning of November 7, 2013. The drill was an important part of the 2013 Fire Prevention Week of Siming District in Xiamen.

A 12-meter long white King Long6127Gbus was running along the bustling Zhongshan Road. Suddenly, some red smoke came out on the bus. At the sight of the smoke, the bus driver quickly pressed the red button of "window bursting”, the window glasses broke into equal grids immediately, and the three pieces of curtain-wall glasses on the left side of the bus were pushed off by the "passengers” in a flash. As the glass particles falling down, the "passengers” quickly escaped from the bus through the windows. Seven "passenger” safely escaped in just a few seconds. Above is a scene from the demonstration and escape drill.

The glass bursting technology is mainly based on the principle of electromagnetic coil. Once the escape button on the console is pressed by the driver during an emergency, the glass bursting device mounted on the bus window will be activated and generate electromagnetic force, which can break the window glass into grids but still hold it onto the window frame. Then, the passengers can conveniently make an emergency exit by knocking at the window. What’s more, as the edges of the tempered glass particles are blunt, passengers are not likely to be hurt by the falling glass particles.

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