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King Long school bus tested to be good safety performance

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King Long school bus tested to be good safety performance

Jun 28 , 2022
On February 21st, in China's Auto Technology Research Center, King Long XMQ6900BSD4 new  "Long Nose" school bus which is also called "Intelligent School Bus" has successfully passed through the special school bus mandatory roll-over test. From the test result, it shows the roll-over test degree was 42.4 ° which is far higher than the requirements of the new national standard 35° . After the test, the body frame was almost without any distortion, and the compartment living space was not occupied. The rear of the bus emergency door still could be opened. All the index of test results were full compliance with national standards.

roll-over test of King Long school bus

roll-over test of King Long school bus

King Long XMQ6900BSD4 school bus adopts special chassis and body structure, which makes the center of gravity low so as to improve the stability of the bus and greatly reduce the school bus  side tumbling happening at a high speed. The bus using the latest research results from King Long postdoctoral workstation, which is " 3 H "high intensity school bus body frame which could be greatly restrain the deformation body of when it is in side tumbling and all-round protection the driver's living space.

From the test data, it is seen that, the safety performance of the XMQ6900BSD4 reaches or even over passes the school bus safety standards of Australia and other countries in European Union.

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