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King Long‘s Overseas After-sales Service

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King Long‘s Overseas After-sales Service

Jun 28 , 2022
The after-sales service network is always a big problem and important part for China brands to rank in the international leading brands. For King Long Bus, the Deputy Manager of the Overseas After-sales Service Department, Xie Wang said China bus builders are now facing the common disorder in the overseas market, especially in the part of the overseas after-service.

How to solve the problem of the overseas after service? Manger Wang said,"To solve the problem of the after-sales service, one important premise is to increase the market share. "Due to large amount export and high market share, it contributes to establishing the better after sales network as well as lowering the after service cost of each product".

The team of King Long after-sales service visit the customers in UK.

At present, King Long buses have been exported to 83 different countries and areas in Asia, Europe and South America etc. King Long has provided more than 200,000 units of King Long buses to more than 8,000 bus operators in different areas. Only in Saudi Arabia, by the end of 2011, there has been more than 2,200 King Long buses into operation, which accounted for more than 10% of the local bus market share.

Now scale export areas of King Long Bus are Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Egypt, Italy, France, Australia etc. more than 10 countries. The local strong and very stable marketing service agencies also help King Long to get orders as well as providing the product after-sales service.

King Long Bus in the overseas country

King Long Bus drives in the Africa

For King Long Bus, setting up the service network becomes one part of establishing the sales network. Choosing the good dealers contributes to the sales and the after service networks operation. King Long helps and guides the training and optimization of existing dealers and their after-sales service system, support and provide technical training and material.

King Long holds the training for the customers.

Manager Wang added that, in the mature markets, after the detailed evaluation, King Long will encourage the distributors to establish and sign the next lower service provider. And in the new sales area, especially in the government’s foreign aid project, King Long should cooperate with the customers to set up the reasonable after-sales service network and the parts reserved base. At the same time, there also needs the high quality engineers and technicians teams to deal with various regional emergency as well as participating in after-sales service network management and coordination.

The after-sales service team of King Long in Saudi

Founded in 2006, King Long Saudi Spare Parts Service Center now has reserved the spare parts worthing Ten million Yuan each year, which is the Chinese Saudi Arabia's largest spare parts warehouse. Many times, even other manufacturers also come to the warehouse for the spare parts. Now, the warehouse can not only guarantee the spare parts supplying for Saudi market, it also could supply the spare parts to Jordan, Dubai, Sudan, Bahrain and the united Arab emirates and other countries in the Middle East.

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