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King Long Pure Electric Commute Bus Rolls Off Line

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King Long Pure Electric Commute Bus Rolls Off Line

Jun 28 , 2022

On Jan. 4th of 2014, offline ceremony of pure electric commute bus XMQ6110C independently developed by King Long was held in King Long plant in Xiamen, where leaders of Xiamen Department of Science and Technology, Department of Transportation, The MDC Committee and King Long were all present and took the bus. XMQ6110C environmental friendly pure electric commute bus would play a vital role in improving travel condition of the public and promoting green transportation network construction. What’s more, it would be helpful for further implementation of Beautiful Xiamen strategic plan.

King Long XMQ6110C Provides Travel Environment of Environmental Protection, No Noise and Comfort

Dr. Chen Xiaobing, deputy director of King Long Technology Center, stated that XMQ6110C adopts Fe battery of high security by which power density and energy density reach the best combination. Furthermore, after equipped with efficient permanent magnet synchronous motor, power consumption per 100km is just 70kwh. Once charged fully, it can achieve drive range of over 200km which definitely satisfies the demanding for business commute. To enhance reliability of system, battery pack is of exclusive patented technology – parallel design, decreasing failure rate and ensuring attendance rate of the bus. The completed bus owns comprehensive monitoring system of key parts, such as battery compartment, high voltage control box and motor control box. Automatic fire distinguishing system in pipeline network is also equipped.

Dr. Chen Xiaobing Introduces Various Technological Highlights of XMQ6110C

Dr. Chen Xiaobing stressed that this bus also adopted various active safety technologies of King Wing System of King Long, such as front crush alarm system, lane departure alarm system and active braking system of reverse. These systems ensure safety of the bus and can eliminate potential security risks timely.

Guo Renxiang, GM of King Long said, "Customized commute bus is an operating mode worth of exploring for easing urban congestion. King Long XMQ6110C is an important support of this travel mode as well as an effective way of promoting pure electric bus and protecting environment. This shows that King Long develops new product based on changeable market and innovates to enhance public transportation system construction. Scientific and technological King Long would drive our green transportation system construction, actively fulfill corporate social responsibility and make a contribution to Beautiful Xiamen by pure electric bus.

Experience event of this customized commute bus would be held after Spring Festival. The operation route is now planned to be the route between Xiamen Haicang to Software Park Phase II which would last one month. Passengers would be selected among citizens who took participation in questionnaire of King Long.

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