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King Long Minivans Showcases on RV Camping Conference 2016

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King Long Minivans Showcases on RV Camping Conference 2016

Jun 28 , 2022
The 1st RV Camping Conference 2016 were held from November 19th to 20th. King Long together with Xiamen KLC & RV Co., Ltd. exhibited eight types of deluxe RVs including KINGWIN, KINGO, KINGTE RVs, which attracted the attention of professionals and consumers.

The prominent feature of KINGWIN RV is cost-effectiveness and practicability. In front of passenger compartment, lounge area and sleeping area are designed. Office furniture can be folded into a comfortable double bed. LCD TV, capable of receiving satellite signals, is installed in the middle of the RV. Well-equipped bathroom and kitchen are designed at the rear end of the motor caravan. Ingenious design makes KINGWIN RV unique, despite its small size.

KINGTE RV also commanded wide attention, as it has complete set of equipment, flexible and elegant auto body. Kitchen, in the front end of the RV, is well equipped, enabling you to show your culinary skills. Pleasant travel experience can be guaranteed by multi-functional luxury sofa bed and high roof design at the rear end as well as large storage space and retractable shading shed.

King Long’s KINGO deluxe RV has fashionable appearance and spacious and cozy interior. The luxury sofa and lifting table in it could be adjusted to an independent bed. Besides, a piece of integrated privacy glass is installed on the RV, making the RV noble and elegant.

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