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King Long KINGO Launched in Malaysia

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King Long KINGO Launched in Malaysia

Jun 28 , 2022

On July 19th, King Long, together with R&A, a subsidiary of Sendok Group, ceremoniously released a new and upgraded version of KINGO series products in Kuala Lumpur.

The conference was presided over by Dr. Wang Jianmin, Deputy Minister of Malaysia's Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Xie Weiguo, Director of Overseas Marketing of King Long, and leaders of Sendok Group attended the event. Malaysia's major customer representatives and mainstream media were invited to attend the conference.

This year is the 10th year of cooperation between King Long's mini vans and Sendok Group. The joint launch of new and upgraded products on the 10th anniversary means that both parties have opened a new chapter in their cooperation. The 8 King Long mini vans on display at the conference include the 5.4-meter and 6-meter KINGO passenger vehicles, as well as the van, school bus, ambulance and other models on display for the first time in Malaysia, which fully cover the subdivided needs of Malaysia's mini van market, including filling in the gaps in the multi-purpose mini van market, injecting new vitality into the local area, and continuing to make new contributions to deepening the "the Belt and Road Initiative" cooperation and joint construction.
King Long and Sendok Group have been working hand in hand for ten years to continuously integrate the resources of China and Malaysia, from exporting Small-size HIACE mini vans to SKD local assembly, and gradually expanding to KINGO series assembly of various lengths. Up to now, 1800 King Long mini vans have been used in Malaysia, ranking among the best in the local market. Looking forward to the cooperation in the future decade, the head of Sendok Group said that Sendok Group is currently moving towards the development of digitalization and automation, and King Long has made mature technological achievements in China in terms of intelligence and electrification, and more green models will be introduced in the future.

Wang Jianmin, Deputy Minister of Malaysia's Ministry of International Trade and Industry, delivered a speech

Wang Jianmin, Deputy Minister of Malaysia's Ministry of International Trade and Industry, pointed out in his speech that the automotive industry is an area that the Ministry attaches great importance to. Sendok Group, which cooperates with Chinese bus manufacturers to operate vehicles, has been expanding since 2010. The new factory assembly line will soon be completed and put into operation. Besides introducing new buses, it will also introduce environmentally-friendly electric vehicles. It has responded positively to the government's initiative to implement green energy and is worthy of praise and encouragement.

Xie Weiguo, Director of Overseas Marketing of King Long, delivered a speech

Xie Weiguo, Director of Overseas Marketing of King Long, said that as a leading enterprise of China's own brand bus, King Long has abundant technical research and development and production and manufacturing strength, and its products are exported to 136 countries and regions in the world and enjoy a good reputation in the world. He solemnly promised that King Long will, as always, join hands with Sendok Group to introduce more and higher quality products to Malaysia and provide quality service support to every customer.

Ju Tao, Deputy Manager of Light Bus Technology Department of King Long, introduced highlights of the product

Ju Tao, Deputy Manager of Mini Van Technology Department of King Long, and David, Manager of R&A Production Department, jointly introduced the technology highlights of brand-new upgraded KINGO products to the guests. The brand-new upgraded KINGO series products released this time have undergone technological improvement and configuration upgrade in terms of safety, comfort and convenience.

The latest King Long's KINGO product features 16-inch sports car alloy wheel frame on four wheels, chrome-plated honeycomb design of ventilation grid on the front, halogen headlights with LED daytime running lights, fashionable and elegant appearance, and pull-open door design on both sides of the bus, making it convenient and safe for passengers to go up and down. Semi-cloth material for seats is comfortable and practical, and air conditioning equipment with nine air exhaust holes and double cooling coils is equipped for rear carriage. In addition to being widely used as comfortable transport buses, the KINGO series is also suitable for express delivery service and transportation, factory buses, school buses, windowless vans and ambulance, etc., with very diversified uses and value for money.

In March this year, King Long and Tan Chong Group jointly released the latest results of cooperation of large and medium-sized buses in Malaysia. This time, King Long mini van has joined hands with Sendok Group to release a new and upgraded version of KINGO series. We believe that large and medium-sized buses and mini vans are making concerted efforts. With the further development of "the Belt and Road Initiative", King Long will have a broader development space in Malaysia.

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