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King Long "King Wings" Telematics Commentary

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King Long "King Wings" Telematics Commentary

Jun 28 , 2022
King Long King Wings Telematics System aims to solve bus fleet operation, fuel prudent and safety problems.

King Long King Wings Telematics System includes GPS, driving behavior management, maintenance reminder, fuel consumption management etc. and they also systematic solutions for customers from different industry.

King Long King Wings Telematics System analyze the factors that influence safe drivings and it can provide complete management for drivers, vehicles and running environment. The driver can manage the system with their ID and driving behavior, and other persons cannot drive the vehicle. The supervision can correct the driver's illegal operations, and GPS, dynamic speed limit set and 3G real-time video frequency monitoring and overspeed alert can manager the driving effectively.

The system can analyze operation, fuel consumption control, passenger statistics and bus lines etc to give basic data and solution for the bus driving.

Intelligence driving and ECO-driving can be used to save fuels, and they can adjust engine's output power and improve fuel efficiency and reminds standard operation for the drivers.

Intelligence driving system changed the original bus and line matching solution, and static power chain configuration can be changed to adjustable dynamic power chain configuration.

ECO-driving system can remind the driver to use the best fuel prudent driver assistant system and collect vehicle running data and analyze vehicle condition, driving behavior and fuel consumptions to judge if the drivers' behavour is rational.

King Long King Wings Telematics System aims to create a zero accident and casuality traffic and it can improve active safety, vehicle safety and help the bus driver and bus company to save costs and safe driving.
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