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King Long - Innovation Bellwether of New-energy Vehicles

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King Long - Innovation Bellwether of New-energy Vehicles

Jun 28 , 2022
In July 2012, the State Council released "Energy-saving and New-energy Auto Industry Development Plan (2012-2020)", defining the technology roadmap, which turned out to be good news for the industry. Famous for new-energy auto technology innovation, what kind of strategic plan does King Long have and what is the focus in energy-saving and consumption-reducing? The reporter interviewed the CTO of King Long Zhou, Fangming.

Speaking of the release of "the Plan", Zhou, Fangming said: "It is good news whether for bus industry or King Long. First, the Plan defines the technology roadmap, ending the disputes on roadmaps; Second, the Plan specifies the industrialization goal and offers the supporting measures; Third, the Plan confirms the key roles manufacturers play in energy-saving and new-energy auto technology innovation, inspiring the enterprises on self-innovation and technology R&D."

King Long

In fact, King Long made its own development plan on energy-saving and new-energy auto technology and products two years ago. Zhou, Fangming said: "our plan basically meets the requirements of the Plan, revealing King Long's foresight."

King Long will implement its established strategy systematically. Zhou, Fangming said: "First, focus on plug-in hybrid buses and pure-electric buses, which is the potential one the government inspires and supports; Second, consolidate the R&D of hybrid buses. We have good technology accumulation and huge market demand. Accelerate the development of alternative fuel buses and reduce the consumption of traditional buses. Alternative fuel buses and intelligent drive system are well received in domestic market."

King Long has made many innovation achievements on energy-saving and new-energy auto technology and model development in recent years.

"In the R&D of core technology, King Long succeeds in the independent development of VCU, which has been used in the pure-electric models and plug-in hybrid models. The company will continue on HCU." Zhou, Fangming said.

King Long has developed pure-electric buses, plug-in hybrid buses and other hybrid buses, covering city buses, tourist bus and light buses, 2-3 years ahead of its competitors.

In 2011, King Long sold over 600 energy-saving and new-energy buses, in Wuhan, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Beijing and Kunming, mainly hybrid buses. "What's worth mentioning is King Long exported hybrid buses to Southeast Asia." Zhou, Fangming said.

Talking about the oil-saving effect, Zhou, Fangming said: "our average oil-saving rate is 20%. Oil-saving rate of Xiamen hybrid city bus is close to 20%, in Hangzhou over 20%. Plug-in hybrid buses perform better."

King Long

In the past two years, King Long has got two projects approved in national 863 Project, related to mild hybrid and full hybrid, revealing its advantages in energy-saving and new-energy technology.

Zhou, Fangming said: " the project of Mild Hybrid Vehicle Industrialization Technology Study was approved last year, mainly about parallel hybrid system. It is to develop powertrain and power source system of hybrid, optimize power, appliance and communication system, form new-energy bus mass production capacity and establish after-sales service system. The project of Range-extended/Plug-in Heavy-duty CV Power System was approved this year, mainly about CV pure-electric drive system."

From resource combination to technology intension is King Long's strategy transformation orientation. King Long tends to achieve breakthrough in independent development to lead the industry.

Zhou, Fangming said: "King Long plans to achieve independent R&D from integrated matching within three years, mainly in VCU and battery management, improving the oil-saving ability and reducing the cost."

"Independent R&D requires big investment and the board and GM are supportive. King Long established new technology development department and new-energy development team, covering over 30 high-end technicians, including 5 post-doctors and 2 doctors; we invested CNY 0.15 billion to build the first safety energy-saving center, including 11 labs, 6 of which can be used for characteristic analysis, VCU development, hybrid power system matching&rating, battery simulation/test and oil-saving test, etc." Zhou, Fangming said.

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