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King Long Hit Bus & Truck Expo 2013

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King Long Hit Bus & Truck Expo 2013

Jun 28 , 2022
The 2013 China Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks & Components (Bus & Truck 2013) was grandly held in China National Convention Center in Beijing on May 22nd. King Long Bus takes its four bus products showing in the exhibition.

King Long XMQ6129Y5 and XMQ6115AY coach are for long distance, tourism and commutor markets, and 10-meter XMQ6100S school bus amounted with Intelligence School Bus Management System and 7-meter XMQ6706AYD4D1 is for medium and high-end business bus markets.
XMQ6129Y5 is the major coach mode in the show and it is the new Longwei bus with technology elements, and the coach has grand appearance and monocoque structure so that the strenghth of the bus can be improved with light weights. The front and rear air suspension can improve stability, comfort and safety of the coach. And the interiot trimmings is improved based on the original Longwei coach model. And there are 51+1+1 seats by optimization the inner space and rational layout of the seats. And King Wing Telematics is amounted in the coach together with lane departure warning system, forward collision warning system, ECO-Driving fuel-efficient driving system which can improve technology, safety and energy-saving of national coaches.

King Long released XMQ6125Y coach last year and they developed 11-meter low floor XMQ6115AY bus for segment markets and the coach can run for tourism and passenger transport. 49+1+1 seats are laid out in the 11.5 meter bus.

Facing the soaring oil price, more and more intercity coaches are using natural gases which is effective to reduce the costs. King Long buses and coaches can provide diesel engine buses as well as natural gas buses to reduce operation costs for the customers.

King Long 10-meter XMQ6100S school bus adhere the latest school bus standards and inherits American and European technology to improve safety standards for students. 3H high-strength steel, front and rear beam and long nose design. TPOVIEW panoramic look-around system, forward collision alarming system, safety belt automatic unlocking.
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