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King Long Focuses on Mode Transition and Goods Value Upgrade

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King Long Focuses on Mode Transition and Goods Value Upgrade

Jun 28 , 2022
King Long, as the most innovative bus manufacturer in China, deliberated over the value innovation of new-generation buses in 2010 and put forward two strategies: 1. value mode transition from goods producer to system solution supplier; 2. new-technology-innovative-research-and -application-oriented product upgrade.

Future competition should be the one of system solution to meeting customers' deep requirements, rather than the products themselves.

In 2011, King Long, after one-year endeavor, developed intelligent bus operation management system, whose terminal can be equipped in the bus to connect with admin via wireless transmission, offering data video materials to the administrators, based on information sensor technology and telematics technology. More importantly, whether the terminal or software & service platform are developed independently by King Long, with powerful application extension.

King Long

Intelligent operation management system improves operation efficiency and inner management, beyond customers' imagination and expectation.

Safety, fuel-efficiency and reliability are what customers and manufacturers care the most. Each bus manufacturer is striving, with less effect.

When products can hardly meet customers' requirements, revolutionary upgrade is indispensable. In retrospect, the past thirty years saw the development of digital technology and Internet technology, which changed the whole world, as much as the buses.

King Long predicts information sensor technology and telematics technology would bring a breakthrough and revolution to bus industry. That's why King Long put forward the strategy of "new-technology-innovative-research-and -application-oriented product upgrade."

In light of customers' present and future requirements, King Long sums up the bus value as "4S" technology indication - Safe, Saving, Smart and Stability.

By virtue of information and telematics, King Long would probably produce the new-generation buses in principle of "4s", leading the progress of bus industry.

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