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King Long Flourishes in R&D of New-energy Vehicles

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King Long Flourishes in R&D of New-energy Vehicles

Jun 28 , 2022
On July 9th, 2012, the State Council released "Energy-saving and New-energy Vehicle Industry Development (2012-2020)", good news for the industry.

As the bellwether of China bus industry, King Long has been leading the R&D of energy-saving and new-energy technologies. In response to the Plan, what will be King Long's strategy?

King Long CTO

CTO of King Long Zhou, Fangming said the company made its plan two year ago, which turned out to meet the requirements of "Energy-saving and New-energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan", showing King Long's foresight.

In core technology, King Long succeeds in VCU (Vehicle Control Unit), which has used in its pure-electric models and plug-in hybrid models. The company will continue developing HCU. On July 17th, King Long XMQ6127 GHEV7 plug-in hybrid bus won "Best Model Award" and "Technology Innovation Award" in the 3th "Energy-saving and New-energy City Bus Innovation Competition" in Hangzhou.

King Long has developed pure-electric buses, plug-in hybrid buses and hybrid buses, including city buses, tourist buses and light buses.

In 2011, over 600 King Long new-energy buses were sold, mainly in Wuhan, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Beijing and Kunming, etc. King Long hybrid buses were exported to Southeast Asia.

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